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    Quote Originally Posted by Cactus View Post
    And the day after the trade the market drops like a rock.

    Now you know why CRAP does so well and Cactus keeps taking it in the shorts. It's because he's already lost his shirt.
    I'm with you there brother... maybe I should figure out what my arch-opposite would be at
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    Wow... you may really be on to something with that CRAP.

    What with my moving and stuff I haven't been able to keep up with DOOM.

    I hate to say it, but life just got to busy and I stuck my dough in a L fund (2040) and forgot about it. Didn't have time to follow and stuff. I became one of "those people."

    Will find a way to stay on top of things once I get my feet set.

    Hope all is well with you guys. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all you super TSPTalkers!!!
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    For all you enquiering minds out there, this is how Cactus & CRAP finished out 2016:

    (1.79%) 14.74%
    Here are the last 5 year returns together with their 3 & 5 year annualized returns:

    Cactus CRAP
    2012 2.75% 19.06%
    2013 17.29% 7.29%
    2014 (7.39%)
    2015 8.71% (5.87%)
    2016 (1.79%) 14.74%
    3 Year CAGR (0.38%) 10.45%
    5 Year CAGR 3.57% 11.47%
    Allocations as of COB Dec 21 : 100% S. | Retirement Date: Dec 2022
    Past Returns:
    2016 -1.79%, 2015 8.71%, 2014 -7.39%, 2013 17.29%, 2012 2.75%,5Yr Avg 3.57%

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