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    The story keeps moving, as does bitcoin.

    Today's high (and all-time high) on Coinbase/GDAX... $19,697. Currently... $16,000. Just a $4000 decline in 4 hours after a 4 hour $5000 rally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsptalk View Post
    China is in full control of it. Does that make you feel better or worse if you own it?
    I used to poo-poo it without knowing much about it, but a friend of mine who owns some talked to me about it at great length.

    Given that there is a set limit for how many coins will be issued, it seems there is a long term upside potential.

    Might have to look into it.
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    I didn't think it was worth it at $2,000, so definitely not worth it at $8,000. $16,000?!? You gotta be crazy!
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    It's now everywhere all the time... CNBC has had constant coverage and Fast Money had a bitcoin quote ticker going for the whole show. Barron's cover, and on Sunday bitcoin futures start trading. It all makes me very nervous for the rallies sustainability.

    Reluctantly, I'm sticking with Ethereum and Litecoin, where I think money could go if BTC drifts lower. I say drift lower because a crash in bitcoin would likely take them all down.

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    What's the old saw? Bulls make money in the market, Bears make money in the market, but pigs get slaughtered. Enjoy your profits!

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