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    Quote Originally Posted by FogSailing View Post
    There just doesn't seem to be a lot of safe places to be right now. Just watching the markets go red a few minutes ago. Sheesh...the bull is having a hard time.

    Here's the latest "Bear" news from Yahoo.

    S&P 500 Rally Thins and It's Worrying Market Analysts - Yahoo Finance

    Really. May just park in the G-fund for awhile and see how things shake out rest of June. If things get really bad in June that may create some buying opportunities. Time will tell.

    Stock pullback coming this summer: Analysts - Yahoo Finance

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    Quote Originally Posted by exnavyew View Post
    "The biggest winner among bond ETFs has been the iShares Core U.S. Aggregate Bond fund, which has taken in about $403.9 million, the fifth most of all ETFs, so far in June, according to FactSet data compiled on"

    Comments anyone? Thanks!
    Ok, I have the F Fund below an 8 month (Sep 18) previous low. The F Fund needs to kick butt like tomorrow or we can loose the long term:
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    I really don't like to hear "lower lows". Those are "red flags". I hope tomorrow brings an upward trend.

    Thanks Bquat.

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    So is Greenspan saying, in effect, be wary (for our purposes) of the F-fund?
    Greenspan warns about bond-market bubble - MarketWatch


    What TIME on Thursday?
    Market timer Tom McClellan sees stocks set up for ‘ugly decline’ as early as Thursday
    Market timer Tom McClellan sees stocks set up for

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    Bonds (F-fund) is rallying as the 10-year Treasury yield is testing multi-year lows. How low can it go?

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    Look at bonds go! Another nice rally for the F-fund today.. There's an open gap and a head and shoulder head test at 106.25, which may be the upside target here...

    And the 10-year yield is testing the 50-day EMA...

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