Some AutoTracker members have noticed that their account is showing one IFT for the year when they actually have not made any interfund transfers, or one additional IFT to the number they have made. Not to worry. They won't count against you.

If you were added to the AutoTracker after January 1, the AutoTracker will interpret your starting allocation as an IFT. That IFT won't count toward your 2 even though the autotracker shows it. Because of the new year autotracker problems, I had to manually re-input many of the IFT's that had already been entered in December, so your 1st IFT's date shows up as Jan 1, which is not accurate. The system is counting that physically, but it won't be a problem for you.

The TSP AutoTracker won't stop you from entering more than 2 IFT's but if you happen to win a prize for a top return, in general we will manually look to make sure a member stayed within the 2 - 3* limit - and in this case we know that this was a mistake. The 1st one won't count against your IFT's.

Thanks again for your patience. This was the first year that I handled the start of a new year for the AutoTracker. I jotted down some notes so let's hope next year goes a little more smoothly for us.


* There are exceptions.