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Thread: CSRS Retiring 10/1/2016

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    I have just shy of 40 years air traffic control, so money should be great. Got my estimate yesterday, everything looks good so far.

    The call was hilarious, my wife was in the middle of cooking dinner, dealing with the dogs, and just all around a little frazzled. Caller ID showed the call was from a cell phone so she expected another scam call and was very short with the caller. She asked who was calling and what do they wanted. Felicia said she needed to talk to me and could not explain it to her due to privacy. I got the phone and found out it was my OPM rep. I explained that we have been getting calls every night around dinner, political, IRS calling about suing us for taxes we owe (scam calls almost every day) explaining my wife's frustration. Felicia was great and we had a good laugh. I am very impressed with what is happening so far.

    Any idea how long it is taking to get the retirement checks all straight? Also when does the annual leave payout usually come.

    I will really miss working. I have been blessed with a career that has been very rewarding and challenging. Haven't slept for over 3 days worrying about what is going to happen when I go. There are no qualified people here to pick up my duties and the damage is going to be felt by this place because they would not prepare for my departure. I know it's not my fault, just don't want to see people get hurt.

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    Dealing with OPM when I retired was one of the most pleasant surprises of my 30 year government career. I started receiving interim checks on the exact date stated. Full retirement checks + my full FERS supplement within 3 months. My annual leave check and TSP partial lump sum withdrawal were paid within 3 weeks of retirement. I transferred some of my TSP account to an IRA. The process took 2 weeks from the date the paperwork was submitted.
    No complaints whatsoever.
    Get your Retirement Services account set up as soon as you receive your login/passcode information. Its a wealth of information on your retirement benefits.
    Congratulations on your retirement. You're going to love it.

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    Welcome & Congrats on your Retirement. I retired earlier this year under FERS, got my initial partial annuity one month later on the 1st (~2 weeks after final pay check that included my leave--this may vary with agency). Got adjustment mid month after 3rd partial payment, and full annuity payment in month #4. They sent my password & CSA# separately (about a week apart) which are required to log on to the OPM site. No issues with OPM. They send a booklet when they finalize the annuity amount, which you need to hold onto as it gives you non-taxable amount of your annuity. If you have any insurance other than FEHB & FEGLI, you may get billed for the other supplementals like dental. FEHB & FEGLI get caught up when they finalize your payment, so there shouldn't be any issue.

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    Congratulations on your retirement!

    How is retirement going so far? Great, I hope. I have been retired for 9 years now (CSRS) and it has been wonderful.

    I had a friend that was in air traffic control and I know he enjoyed it as well. So good to hear Gov't workers say they enjoyed their careers and the work they did.

    Let us know how everything settled out for you.

    OR NARFE FEDcon2019


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