Somewhat older thread, but I wanted to share some information with those interested.
We've carried BCBS Standard for quite a few years, and it's been a decent plan for situation. My wife's job involves studying and filing medical insurance, so she sees the benefits and pitfalls of all FEHB plans. Based on her advice we switched to the BCBS Basic plan this past Open Season. Our premium was reduced by around $155.00 per month. Deductibles are lower, no co-pay for office visits (although many Dr. offices don't know this so you pay and then get refunded), and if you can opt for generic prescriptions your part is no more than $10.00 per prescription. This may be the area that makes it less of a bargain for those on multiple meds that don't offer a generic alternative. The caveat is you have to use only "In Network" providers. We were lucky in that all our current services are In Network. Emergency care is exempt from that requirement.
We've yet to find a downside to switching.
Just an FYI in case anyone finds that plan might meet their needs.
you can compare plan costs and benefits here.