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Thread: More on TSP Pilot services

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    I am a new member here - joined tonight -- but I am not typically a heavy post-er. I would however, like to here any current comments on TSP Pilot services.

    I found by googling "TSP Pilot reviews" and followed a rather long thread of chat from Dec 2004 through Feb 2005 here but have not run across any additional info/discussion on TSP Pilot after Feb. -- Am I missing something or did the chat just peter-out?

    I am an 11+ month user of TSP Pilot services,starting almost simulataneously with my retirement on 12/31/04 and have had a 5.7% increase in my TSP balance y-t-d since my last deposit in TSP in mid-Jan (last pay check paid after retirement).Saw a lot of discussion in that Dec-Feb chat line about rate of return coupled with continued contributions - but in my situation - not making addtional deposits - the record is fairly easy to track!

    Anyone with an opinion?

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    Your return sounds very good to me. The `tracker' that mlk sends out shows what % different folks that regularly post their moves have received (or not received.) Your returns are in the upper half, I do believe. :^ I would say: if you have a demonstrated satisfaction with them what is there to opine?? There are others who have done better on their own, so there would be no reason for them to try it! You obviously have received yourcost back, over & above the fee!!! Congratulations for adding to your nest-egg.

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    thanks == I'll check out that tracker!

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    I must disagree. A 5% return is not necessarily worth the cost of the service. It really depends on the risk that was taken to generate the return. If the service was in equities much of the year, 5% is not that great. After all just throwing an equal percentage in each fund would have returned about 7%, and that would have cost you nothing. So if you are going to pay for the service you should be expecting superior returns above that of a diversified buy and hold portfolio, or expect below market risk. Since you stated retirement, I would think risk would be of concern. Therefore, it is imperative you weight the risks taken verses the return generated by the service. That said, it is hard to judge a service based on one year. .

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    I was recently looking into the TSP Pilot services and noticed that at the bottom of each page they state "hypothetical." I am also inclined to think that the returns they claim are ficticious. If 19.6 percent per year averaged since 1989 is really true I think everyone would be in it.

    Anyway, the fact that they had to state that some stated returns are hypothetical really bothered me.

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    Self Promotion Alert!

    I believe they are nothing more than what we are (and they came after us), but they charge for their service.

    On the other hand the TSP Timing Newsletter that we offer is run by a professional trader and hedge fund manager. RevShark (James Deporre) is one of the best market timers I have ever come across and I have been acquanted with him for over 10 years now.

    I was estatic to have him agree to create this service for us. I just wish I had been listening to him more these past couple of months because he has done outstanding so far. I guess he is smarter than my indicators.

    Self promotion over.




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