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Thread: New, old and frustrated

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    Sounds like my wife

    But hey. I can't seem to get set up with the autotracker... It gives me a log in option but no registration option. When I use my forum log in says session has expired.

    I deleted all the cookies from chrome. still a no go. I will keep trying


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    I got it... it was in the AutoTracker Rules - and how to get started

    thread. Seems like that should be linked to the log in page. I guess it forces people to look for it and only the determined will find it

    rolling rolling rolling...

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    Glad you found what you were looking for. Don't hesitate to ask questions. There are plenty of people here that will help out.

    Welcome aboard
    May the force be with us.

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    I am new here too and unclear how to set up auto tracker. I'm I stupid or just missing something?

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    Hi Catsathome!

    Click on TSPAutoTracker tab
    Click on Login to AutoTracker
    click on link that says, How to Get Started.
    This has instructions. You first set up username as a Member. This sets up your "handle"/name/member account thread as it will be seen on Forum if you choose to post to your thread or comment on other member threads.
    Then continue on with instructions to set up your Auto Tracker account to track your IFT entries/exits/earnings.
    Both member and AutoTracker accounts will have a password. You can use the same password.

    I can see you already have member account, so just follow instructions for setting up the Tracker account. Hope this helps!

    Best wishes on your Investments!!!!!!!
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    What does help with that frustration factor is the wealth of info in the forum on internet videos and TSPT members' own charts/perspectives. Like lotion on the skin, the absorption may take longer that the application time. I have learned a lot just be reading posts and the replies from the group to various posts.

    All good. Have a Happy New Year!
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