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Thread: Silver on the Move

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    Silver blasts off in June.... and into July. $19.40 as I write this.

    This chart is always a day behind. It's at $19.40 today.

    This is the Silver ETF showing today's action...

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    Anyone been buying silver here? I have started nibbling on junk silver recently.

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    It's had a nice pullback and could be an opportunity as it seemed to put in a definitive low last week. I still have a lot of it from our TSP Talk silver rounds order, which we bought a couple of years ago when silver was $15.92 / oz. But yeah, looks like a decent place to start picking it up again.

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    I have been buying silver for the last few years.
    I have a bunch of the TSPtalk silver coins! Also Morgan Silver Dollars, American Eagle Silver Dollars, various silver rounds (the Austrian 1.5 euro is a real beauty!).
    Also have 100 troy oz silver bars.
    Yeah, I guess you'd say I have been picking up a little Au!!
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