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Thread: ETF for the F Fund

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    Default ETF for the F Fund

    I am copying my TSP moves in my Schwab Custodial Accounts.

    I have found ETF's with no trade fees for the C/S/I funds. But there is not one exactly like the F fund, i.e., AGG.

    Schwab has three fund ETF's,

    SCHO- short term US Treasuries
    SCHP- US Tips
    SCHR- intermediate US Treasuries

    Which would be my best bet, if any for the F fund?

    And would the TIPS be a good bet when I move to the G fund?


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    Default Re: ETF for the F Fund

    I would like to echo this question as well. It appears that Schwab's SCHR ETF tracks AGG fairly closely on a general basis:

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    Default Re: ETF for the F Fund

    I use AGG for F and TIPS for G but there may better ones out there. Anyone?
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