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Thread: Gold/Precious Metals - new uptrend starting?

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    Default Gold/Precious Metals - new uptrend starting?

    I just took a look at the Morningstar mutual fund category returns (below link) and it shows that the avg 1-month return for Precious Metals funds is about 31%, and 3-month return is about -36%. Considering that mutual funds generally like to have investors commit their $$ to the funds for relatively long time periods (at least this is my understanding), could this mean that we can count on precious metals to be a good investment over the next several months? Looks to me like it is at the beginning of an uptrend here?

    Any thoughts on this? I am thinking of getting into 1 or 2 of them.$FOCA$SP

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    Default Re: Gold/Precious Metals - new uptrend starting?

    The metals correction may have started today. Will investors walk the talk and 'buy the dip'. Obviously people aren't buying Gold as an inflation hedge since yields are going up today. The gold story is probably more of a safehaven play than anything else, but that's not to say gold has further to run if inflation shows it's head.

    If you're a believer in the inflation story, this may be the start of the pullback you've been waiting for.



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