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Thread: The "FAT" Thiefs

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    Default The "FAT" Thiefs

    Crooks are everywhere If I were extremely obese I would NOT vacation in PERU!!

    'Fat for cosmetics' murder suspects arrested in Peru

    Some of the suspects were carrying bottles of fat when arrested

    Four people have been arrested in Peru on suspicion of killing dozens of people in order to sell their fat and tissue for cosmetic uses in Europe.
    The gang allegedly targeted people on remote roads, luring them with fake job offers before killing them and extracting their fat.

    The liquidised product fetched $15,000 (£9,000) a litre and police suspect it was sold on to companies in Europe.

    At least five other suspects, including two Italian nationals, remain at large.
    Police said the gang could be behind the disappearances of up to 60 people in Peru's Huanuco and Pasco regions.

    One of those arrested told police the ringleader had been killing people for their fat for more than three decades.

    The gang has been referred to as the Pishtacos, after an ancient Peruvian legend of killers who attack people on lonely roads and murder them for their fat.
    Human tissue [More]
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    Default Re: The "FAT" Thiefs

    I guess I won't be doing a lot of job searches in Peru. It's just a little too "free markety" for me.

    This just isn't a good way to solve the unemployment issue there.

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    Default Re: The "FAT" Thiefs

    Speaking of "Fat Thieves".... this just in:

    Bank of America files it's SEC filing today. Guess what? It paid more than $200 MILLION DOLLARS to the most senior banking executives last year, including over $29 MILLION in compensation to one new guy, and over $80 MILLION in compensation to the EX C-E-O.

    This, at a time when Bank of America was teetering on the brink of collapse, and had to get $45 BILLION in bailout money from our taxpayers. Yet they were doing SO WELL that they paid $29 million in compensation to the head of the

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    Default Re: The "FAT" Thiefs

    We are the suckers that allowed our Gov't to do this type of thing without Proper regulation! Of course we were in the dark and kept there, but in the light of day everything looks so clear. Waste, Spend and spend some more, Tax and Tax some more it's still happening right before our eyes but we evidentially are blind.
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