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  1. Busy week ahead

    Stocks opened up deep in the red on Friday, but once again the market reversed and closed modestly higher. Does that mean another Monday morning rally? Maybe, but we have a busy week on tap and I expect we will see some volatile news generated swings.

    The market started down on Friday after the Senate could not pass a bailout plan for the auto industry. Later in the day, President Bush talked about possibly using TARP money to help, and the market seemed to embrace that suggestion. ...
  2. Will Santa bring coal this year?

    Stocks sold off again yesterday sending the C and S TSP funds down 2.8% and 4.6% respectively. The I-fund managed a 0.4% gain on weakness in the dollar, and some positive fair valuation payback.
    S&P 500 has now filled the gap at 879, which we suspected was coming. Now it is coming down toward the recent uptrend support line, which if broken, could lead to a move back down to at least 815. Unless something happens between now (Thursday about 12:30 AM ET) and the market opening ...
  3. Waiting

    Despite some decent gains in the major indices, the market seems to be on hold waiting for something. Perhaps it is waiting on the outcome of the auto industry bailout, or perhaps it is just the season to be inactive.

    The S&P 500 was up and down all day yesterday, finally closing the day up an impressive 1.2%. Small caps did even better. But the rally came on very light volume, and once again, the market put in an inside day. That is two days in a row of lower highs and higher ...
  4. I'm not seeing the bullish case yet

    After a two-day rally, stocks took a break. The C and S funds were off 2.3% while the I fund faired a little better, being off just 0.50%. Bonds continued their rally as the F fund gained 0.45% on the day.

    From Friday's low to Monday's high the S&P 500 had jumped over 12%, so it was reasonable to expect a pullback. As bad as the 2.3% appeared, neither the bulls nor the bears could take charge as the chart shows us that the index put in an inside day, meaning the yesterday's high ...
  5. Guilty until proven innocent

    The market put in a very nice follow-through day after Friday's huge post-jobs-report reversal higher. The TSP stock funds were each up about 4% on the day, and surprisingly, bonds did not fall in the process.

    The S&P 500 gained 3.8% yesterday and as you see by the mess in the chart below, there are a lot of things going on.

    The initial resistance level was broken, paving the way for a nice rally. Once resistance is penetrated, traders are more willing to buy, and ...
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