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Intraday Update

  1. September Jobs Report

    September Jobs Report:

    142,000 jobs added. Unemployment rate remains 5.1%.

    More: U.S. Index Futures Erase Gains After Weaker-Than-Forecast Jobs - Bloomberg Business
  2. December Jobs report

    Jobs Report Update: 252,000 jobs added in December and unemployment rate was 5.6%.

    Intraday Update
  3. October Jobs Report

    Jobs Report :
    214,000 jobs added and 5.8% unemployment rate.
    Intraday Update
  4. March Jobs Report Released

    Estimates: +195,000 with unemployment rate of 6.6%

    Actual: +192,000 with unemployment rate of 6.7%
    Intraday Update
  5. Jobs Report

    Jobs Report:

    Actual +175,000 vs. +163,000 estimate.

    Unemployment rate: Actual 6.7% vs. 6.6% estimate.

    More: Economy adds 175000 jobs in February; unemployment rate up to 6.7%
    Intraday Update
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