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  1. New all-time highs for Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq

    Stocks rallied on Thursday as all three major indices, the Dow, S&P 500, and the Nasdaq, all made a new all time closing high on the day. Surprisingly, that hasn't happened since 1999. The Dow gained 118-points.

  2. Dull action

    Stocks opened higher yesterday, but again we saw some selling into that early strength, which has been a pattern this week. The Dow lost 37-points as the consolidation of Friday's breakout is continuing. Not all of Friday's gains have been given back, but it's getting close. Low volume and low volatility have made for some dull trading, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

  3. A pause after the jobs report rally

    Stocks opened higher on Monday, hitting the intraday highs almost as soon as the trading began, but spent the rest of the day chopping in a tight, slightly lower range. It was a bit of a snoozer with the Dow losing 14-points on the day, and while the losses weren't bad, the negative reversals don't help.

  4. Summer slow down

    Tuesday was a very similar day to Monday in that stocks opened higher, made their daily highs in the morning, lost those gains, but closed off the lows with a late push higher. It's more churning after the breakout last Friday. The Dow gained 4-points and most indices closed with slight to modest gains, although the Transports lagged closing down on the day. The Nasdaq and S-fund made new closing highs.

  5. Jobs report triggers breakout in S&P

    Stocks rallied from the opening bell on Friday after the announcement of the July jobs report. The economy added 255,000 jobs, which was about 80,000 more than expected. The unemployment rate remained at 4.9%, which was actually a tick higher than expected. The Dow gained 191-points on the day while the S&P and small caps each added just under 1%. The Transports had a big day with a 1.9% gain, greatly improving that chart which needed help.

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