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  1. Big gap open nearly gets filled but solid returns at the close

    Depending on if you are a glass half empty / glass half full type of person, you may have looked at Monday's action a little differently. The Dow gained 130-points, which certainly helped the bulls, but it also closed 142-points off the morning highs, setting up a possible negative reversal. Small caps outperformed the large caps again, and the I-fund had a huge day with the help of weakness in the dollar, and of course the weekend Brexit polls, which was the trigger for this global rally. ...
  2. Brexit surveys calling the shots

    Stocks were down on Friday, unable to follow-through on Thursday's big positive reversal day. The losses were modest and the indices did finish off the lows, but investors seemed a little tentative to hold over the weekend, where more Brexit polling in Britain could influence the market this week. The Dow lost 58-points.

  3. Big reversal on tragic news

    Stocks opened lower on Thursday, but then posted the biggest intraday reversal since March as the Dow moved 280-points from the lows to the high, and it closed up 93-points. The tragedy of it is that it seems to have been set off by the murder of a female UK lawmaker who favored keeping Britain in the EU and the thought seems to have been that this decreases the chances that Britain will vote to stay in the EU in next week's vote.

  4. No change in rates... maybe for a while

    Stocks were up for 6.25 of the 6.50 hours of trading yesterday, even after a policy statement announcement and a press conference from Janet Yellen. It wasn't until late in the day, after all was said and done, that a switch went off and stocks fell off the table. The daily losses were minor, and some indices finish in positive territory, but the quick decline wiped out some solid gains. The Dow ended the day with a 35-point loss.

  5. Monetary policy statement at 2 PM ET

    Stocks opened lower Tuesday as the market continues to price in the potential Brexit, or British exit from the Euro Zone. It was the 1st 4-day losing streak for the S&P this year. The bears did a good job of holding stocks down until the last hour of trading where we saw a combination of bears letting up, and dip buyers stepping, but still the indices all closed with losses. The Dow gave up another 58-points.

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