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  1. Discuss Market Comments 02/18/11

    This isn't typical - Stocks moved higher again yesterday as the Dow picked up another 30-points, while the broader market indices saw modest gains...

    Market Commentary for 2/18/11

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  2. Discuss Market Comments 02/17/11

    New highs - The market tried to fool us on Tuesday getting everyone worried about a pullback, but yesterday we saw the major indices move to new highs yet again. The Dow closed up 61+ points on the day...

    Market Commentary for 2/17/11

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  3. Discuss Market Comments 02/16/11

    Another dip? - The market took a needed rest yesterday as the indices saw modest losses across the board. The Dow lost 42-points, more than 30-points off the day's low, as we saw a little buying in late afternoon trading...

    Market Commentary for 2/16/11

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  4. Discuss Market Comments 02/15/11

    Easy to get complacent - The pattern of weak mornings turning into positive closes has been repeating over and over. The Dow lost 5-points but the broader indices saw modest gains after the lower open...

    Market Commentary for 2/15/11

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  5. Discuss Market Comments 02/14/11

    Can the market race across some speed bumps? - Stocks rallied on Friday after yet another weak opening. It has been difficult for the bears to keep this market down for any length of time as almost every intra-day dip is being bought by the close. The Dow gained 44-points on Friday...

    Market Commentary for 2/14/11

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