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  1. Discuss Market Comments 12/23

    How much more pressure can the market take? - It was another light volume rally for stocks yesterday as the sellers seemed to have taken an early vacation. We saw modest gains across the board and the Dow picked up 26-points on the day...

    Market Commentary for 12/23/10

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  2. Discuss Market Comments 12/22

    The Santa rally continues - The market opened higher yesterday and held on to the gains into the close as this Santa rally just keeps rolling along despite several warning signs. The Dow was up 55-points on the day...

    Market Commentary for 12/22/10

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  3. Discuss Market Comments 12/21

    Another look at 2006 - Despite the Dow losing 14-points on the day, stock indices closed mostly higher on the day and the S&P 500 closed at a new 2-year high...

    Market Commentary for 12/21/10

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  4. Discuss Market Comments 12/20

    The negatives mount but stocks continue higher- Stocks are hanging in there but the negatives continue to pile up. The Dow lost 7-points on Friday, but the other major U.S. indices closed higher...

    Market Commentary for 12/20/10

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  5. Discuss Market Comments 12/16

    The trend matters - Stocks rallied yesterday, recovering the losses from Wednesday. The Dow gained 42-points and closed at its highest level since 2008...

    Market Commentary for 12/17/10

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