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  1. Discuss Market Comments 10/22

    Digestion, or slowdown?- Stocks opened higher yesterday, and closed strongly, but from mid-morning until early afternoon the buyers must have been out to lunch. The Dow did pick up 39-points, but the broader market didn't do quite as well...

    Market Commentary for 10/22/10

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  2. Discuss Market Comments 10/21

    A rebound- Buyers stepped up yesterday, and the market rebounded gaining a large part of Tuesday's big losses. The Dow was up 129-points but it did close about 50-points off the intra-day high as we saw some selling in the late afternoon.

    Market Commentary for 10/21/10

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  3. Discuss Market Comments 10/20

    Initial support breaks- As we suspected, stocks opened up lower yesterday after earnings reports from IBM and Apple on Monday evening, and dip buyer did not seem to want to step in front of this train. Throw in a rate hike in China and we saw losses of nearly 2% in many indices and a break of the initial support area....

    Market Commentary for 10/20/10

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  4. Discuss Market Comments 10/19

    Here comes the test- It was a big day for stocks yesterday as the Dow added another 81-points, but the relentless strength may have a big test today after what looks like a 'sell the news' reaction to decent earnings reports from some big tech companies after the close...

    Market Commentary for 10/19/10

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  5. Discuss Market Comments 10/18

    Momentum faces seasonality- Stocks were mixed on Friday as financial stocks took the Dow down 31-points, but technology stocks were able to push the broader market indices into positive territory as the S&P 500 and small caps were up modestly, and the Nasdaq was up 1.4% with Apple, Google, and Amazon leading the way...

    Market Commentary for 10/18/10

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