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  1. Discuss Market Comments 04/14/11

    Support vs. bear flags - Stocks opened sharply higher yesterday, but that was the high of the day as investors were more interested in selling than chasing the gap up. The Dow did close 7-points higher, but the indices were mixed...

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  2. Discuss Market Comments 04/13/11

    Testing the 50 - Stocks dropped again yesterday as buyers were in hiding after the news of Japan's elevated nuclear crisis. The Dow lost 118-points and the charts are starting to show some technical damage...

    Market Commentary for 4/13/11

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  3. Discuss Market Comments 04/12/11

    Oil down, stocks... down? - Stocks were down modestly yesterday but for the third day in a row, early gains could not hold. A sharp decline in the price of oil could not keep stocks up as the Dow had to fight in the final hour of trading just to close with a 1-point gain...

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  4. Discuss Market Comments 04/11/11

    Flags, H&S, double tops, and oil - Stocks opened higher on Friday, declined for much of the rest of the day before a late rally took the indices well off their lows. The Dow lost 29-points on the day...

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  5. Discuss Market Comments 04/07/11

    Slow going - Stocks saw modest gains on Wednesday as the major indices flirt with new highs. The Dow gained 32-points on the day and the S&P 500 inched above the March highs...

    Market Commentary for 4/07/11

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