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  1. Stocks up, Transports lag again, Apple shines

    Stocks opened higher on Tuesday and after some morning bouts of selling, the opening gains were recaptured for the most part. The Dow gained another 73-points, leading the percentage gains, while the other large indices gained about 0.25% - except for the Transports which was down another 0.40% and continues to lag.

  2. Dow strength may be hiding internal weakness

    Yet another mixed day on Wall Street and the new highs in the Dow may be sending a smoke screen as the media hypes the action while the broader market is showing signs of wear. The Dow gained 61-points on the day, but the Nasdaq, small caps, and Transports - the market leaders - have been lagging of late possibly sending signs of trouble.

  3. Stocks stall, dollar falls, and possible cracks showing

    It was a mostly negative day for stocks on Friday but once again we saw them push closer to their highs by the close showing that the dip buyers are still very much alive. The Dow, which spent most of the day in negative territory, battled back to close with a gain of 34-points while the broader indices couldn't quite turn green.

  4. Another mixed day with a Nasdaq reversal

    It was a strange day for stocks on Thursday as we saw another wide range of results depending on the index. The Dow shined with an 86-point gain but there was a nasty reversal on the Nasdaq that caught the attention of the technical analysts. The S&P was basically flat again after a late rebound, but small caps took a 0.54% loss.

  5. Quick Commenetary

    The Dow gained 97-points while the S&P was flat and small caps gave back some of Tuesday's gains. The dollar had another terrible day and that helped the I-fund again, which led on the day.

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