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  1. Rally continues with a little push from Warren Buffet

    The momentum of the bull market freight train continues to roll, and when it looked like we could see things stalling early on Tuesday, we heard from Warren Buffet who said he does not think that stocks are expensive, and the indices turned around and closed with modest gains. The Dow added 84-points while the S&P, Nasdaq and small caps each added about 0.2%.

  2. Stocks rally despite tragedy

    Despite the country mourning the tragic event in Las Vegas, stocks pressed ahead once again with the Dow gaining 153-points. It's tough to bet against the first day of a new new month, especially when the prior month did so well, but be careful in day 2 and 3. Today could be Turnaround Tuesday, but again betting against this market has not been all that wise this year.

  3. September could be a tough act to follow

    Stocks opened slightly higher on Friday and they slowly drifted upward throughout the day, closing at the highs. The Dow gained just 24-points but the broader indices produced more meaningful gains with the Nasdaq (+0.66%) leading the way, along with the I-fund, which gained 0.53%.
  4. Bears nowhere to be found

    Stocks were flat to slightly higher yesterday with the Dow gaining 40-points, the S&P 500 picking up 3-points, while the Nasdaq was flat. The normally volatile month of September has been anything but volatile and it looks like it wants to go out like a lamb. But the 29th of September has a history of being rocky so we'll see if it can buck trend as well.

  5. Up early, down late, flat close

    Stocks opened higher on Tuesday but the early gains faded as they headed into the close and we ended with a flat day for the major larger indices.  The Dow lost 12-points, which makes it the first 4-day losing streak for the Industrials since June, but the losses have been minor, and of course it was coming off a 9-day winning streak.

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