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  1. Bulls and bears battling after pullback

    The Dow traded in a near 300-point range on Thursday being up as much as 157-points, and down as much as 135-points, but settled at +37-points as it was another day of fairly dramatic ups and down. The broader indices were mixed with the S&P down slightly, the Nasdaq down modestly, while small caps picked up a modest gain.

  2. Rollercoaster day for stocks

    It was a bumpy ride for stocks on Wednesday with the indices opening sharply higher on the day, but those morning highs didn't last long and we saw a steady decline late into the afternoon pushing most of the major indices into negative territory before a final hour rally pushed many of them back near break even. The Dow was up about 260 at the highs, then down 25 at the lows, finally closing up 73-points. The S&P 500 was flat while small caps lagged with a modest loss. ...
  3. Will dip buyers show up after two down days?

    Stocks fell sharply for a second day on Tuesday, with the Dow dropping 363-points making it 540-points in two days. It sounds like a lot but the broader indices were only down around 1%. Volume was slightly higher than normal, but nothing that indicated panic selling. The market has been able to shake off two day declines fairly easily over the last year. Now if we get a third day, that may change attitudes, but for now, meh. ...
  4. A rare sell-off

    Stocks closed down on the day yesterday with some late selling for the first time in a while. The Dow lost 177-points, which was about the lows of the day. The losses were modest (0.5% to 0.6%) but it's barely a blip on the radar compared to recent gains. ...
  5. The market is putting icing on its cake

    The rally continued on Friday and, based on the prior action, seems to be going into yet another gear. The Dow jumped another 224-points. Of course 200+ points is no longer even a 1% gain, nonetheless, it is impressive. Optimism has moved into more of a fear of missing out. ...
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