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  1. Slow, pre-Holiday like trading.

    Stocks were up but mostly flat on Wednesday with gains in the 0.05% to 0.18% range. The action is slow and positive with light volume, almost as if it's a holiday week. The Dow did gain 39-points and led the way, while the Transports posted a modest loss, as did the I-fund with the dollar finally showing some life.

  2. Bears stepping aside again

    Stocks rallied on the day after 9/11 for the first in 5 years. They opened higher and were met with some selling initially, but the dip buyers came in twice and put the bears in their place once again. Despite the weaker seasonality with September's propensity to be a negative month, the Dow gained another 61-points and actually closed a few cents above its old high.

  3. Relief rally

    After going into a weekend with trepidation caused by the oncoming hurricane and the possibility of the North Korean's launching another missile, the market opened on Monday with some relief that, as bad as it was, the worst case scenario did not play out. The indices all jumped about 1% or more on the day as the Dow gained 260-points.

  4. Weathering the storm

    The market became very tentative heading into the weekend with the hurricane bearing down on the Southeast. There wasn't too much movement but you could also say that stocks held up well despite the imminent storm. On Friday the Dow gained 13-points while the other indices were mixed with weakness in large tech stocks, and strength in the Transports and the I-fund.

  5. Storm concerns not phasing stock market

    Stocks were flat yesterday as the battle between investors looking forward to a possible tax reform bill and the short-term issues of the hurricanes bearing down on the east coast - not to mention what North Korea's next move is. The Dow ended the day down 23-points with flat to mixed action in the other large indices. Small caps lagged while the I-fund led after the ECB (European Central Bank) reaffirmed a slowdown in stimulus which caused the dollar to head even lower.

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