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  1. China bond threat ignored

    Stocks opened sharply lower on Wednesday but it didn't take long for the dip buyers to show up as we saw another "multi-minute" pullback for stocks. By the close the Dow had lost 17-points, all but erasing an opening 128-point decline. We saw minor losses across the board in the U.S. indices, while bonds also erased early large losses.
  2. Dow leads, bonds fall

    The Dow played catch-up after Monday's loss by gaining 103-points, or 0.41%. Boeing's stock accounted for more than 50% of the gain in the Dow. The other indices were up slightly while small caps came in slightly lower on the day. Oil prices moved their highest level since late 2014. ...
  3. Dow breaks streak, but broader market contnues higher

    The Dow finally had a negative day losing 13-points yesterday, but the S&P 500, Nasdaq, small caps, and Transports continued to rally with modest to strong gains. The I-fu ...
  4. Up 4 days to start a year for only the 9th time since 1960

    The market rally continued and the week ended with a flurry as the Dow gained another 221-points on Friday. It's only the 9th time since 1960 that the indices started the year with 4 consecutive gains. That's usually a good sign for the market for the year, although 1987 was one of those years and of course we saw a major market crash that year, but surprising 1987 did end with a small gain despite that crash because the first half of the year was so strong.
  5. Dow its 25,000 and investors are getting giddy

    The Dow gained another 152-points on Thursday and the celebratory Dow 25,000 rally caps were waving on the floor of the NYSE. The Nasdaq, S&P 500, and the small caps gained between 0.18% and 0.40% so more solid gains to start the new year. The dollar was down again but the I-fund was flying with or without that. ...
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