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  1. Jobs report exptends the Dow winning streak

    Stocks got an early boost from a better than expected jobs report. There was some profit taking after the initial opening spike, but the rest of the day saw a back and forth battle with the bulls grabbing a modest victory. There were 209,000 jobs added in July and the unemployment rate hit 4.3%. It looks pretty good but wages could have been better and the Fed was probably hoping to see more growth there.
  2. Dow posts another new high, while small caps continue to pull back

    The Dow continues to lead as it was one of the few indices that posted a gain on Thursday, although gaining just 10-points, but that makes 7 straight positive days. The S&P 500, Nasdaq, and the small caps all saw modestly lower prices yesterday, while the Transports posted a moderate gain after bouncing off its 200-day SMA.

  3. Dow hits 22,000 while more stocks fall than rise

    Stocks opened higher on Wednesday with the help of Apple's earnings, but there was an interesting sharp sell-off shortly afterward. Once again however, the dip-buyers were right on queue. By the close the Dow gained 52-points but percentage-wise the broader markets did not fare as well.

    The S&P gained just a point, although well off the morning lows, the Nasdaq was flat, and the small caps had a bad day losing about 0.75%. The Transports were up
  4. Stocks up, Transports lag again, Apple shines

    Stocks opened higher on Tuesday and after some morning bouts of selling, the opening gains were recaptured for the most part. The Dow gained another 73-points, leading the percentage gains, while the other large indices gained about 0.25% - except for the Transports which was down another 0.40% and continues to lag.

  5. Dow strength may be hiding internal weakness

    Yet another mixed day on Wall Street and the new highs in the Dow may be sending a smoke screen as the media hypes the action while the broader market is showing signs of wear. The Dow gained 61-points on the day, but the Nasdaq, small caps, and Transports - the market leaders - have been lagging of late possibly sending signs of trouble.

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