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  1. Is this 2008 all over?

    Stocks opened lower on Thursday and except for a late attempt at a rally, stayed deep in negative territory for most of the day. It ended the day down 255-points after a push off the 412-point loss 90 minutes earlier. Buyers were hard to come by and as we head into the long weekend, you would suspect that investors will be worried about holding.

    Per "Some financial markets will be closed on Monday, February 15th in observance of the
  2. Reversals abound - this one down

    Volatility is alive and well as we saw wild swings on Wednesday after a strong open and an early 187-point gain in the Dow gave way to afternoon sellers and ended the day down 100-points.
    The indices were mixed however, as the S&P 500 was flat and the Nasdaq and small caps closed with modest gains.

  3. Another postive reversal, but negative results

    Stocks opened lower on Tuesday but in an attempt to play Turnaround Tuesday, the Dow reversed a
    146-point early loss into modest gains in afternoon trading, before dipping into the close and ending the day down just 13-points. Continued global growth concerns and another sell-off in oil kept the downside pressure on stocks.

  4. Some new lows

    Monday started out with a jobs report hangover from Friday, but problems in Greece and signs of a global economic slowdown hit stocks hard, and also pushed bond yields down to a one year low of 1.74%. There was some buying in the last hour of trading and, o
    nce down 401-points, the Dow came back to close down "just" 178-points.

  5. Jobs report triggers another sell-off

    dropped sharply on Friday after a mixed jobs report saw investors fleeing first, and asking questions later. The 151,000 jobs added was about 40,000 less than expected, but the unemployment rate dipped under 5% to 4.9%. Hidden in the report was a tick up in wages, something the country has sorely missed, but whether that is good for the stock market is debatable.

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