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Daily Market Commentary

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  1. Starting to see late selling

    tocks opened higher on Monday after the futures rallied sharply overnight, but we saw the cash indices peak within the first 30-minutes of trading and, like on Friday, we saw selling in afternoon trading and into the close. The Dow ended with a 21-point loss, which doesn't sound bad, but it had been up over 150-points in early trading.

  2. Stocks poised to leave current range

    Stocks opened higher on Friday and despite a big rally in oil, drifted slowly lower for most of the day to end with modest gains. The Dow closed up 35-points. The recent choppy action probably means we are likely to move sharply in one direction or the other soon, but in which direction is anybody's guess.

  3. Choppiness continues

    Stocks were down sharply Thursday with the Dow losing 174-points and the S&P 500 having it's largest daily percentage loss in six weeks. Global growth concerns are back in the headlines and oil was down again, although both stocks and oil closed off the lows as we saw a little buying in the last hour of trading.

  4. Stocks bounce back on oil rally

    Stocks were struggling early on Wednesday but the bulls showed up and took back Tuesday's losses quite easily as the bears stood by and watched without much of a push back. Oil may have triggered it. The Dow gained 113-points. The Transportation Index was down and nearly broke down, but the reversal pushed it back into a more positive situation.

  5. Overseas markets struggling

    Stocks pulled back yesterday as the trouble in Japan continued, the European markets sold off, and the tax inversion talk stirred things a bit too. The Dow lost 134-points on the day, which was rather modest considering the damage around the globe. Oil rebounded but remains in a short-term downtrend.

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