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Daily Market Commentary

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  1. Stocks and TSP Funds back off

    Stocks pulled back on Tuesday with the indices dropping modestly. The Dow lost just 50-points but percentage-wise, the losses in the small caps were more significant.

    The theory of the decoupling of the price of oil from the stock market lost a little credibility yesterday as oil was also down close to 2%.

  2. Stocks mostly flat

    Stocks have been relatively flat the last couple of days and with yesterday being a Federal holiday, many banks were closed, as was the bond market so the trading volume was very light light and the action didn't prove very significant.

  3. Fed helps keep the rally going

    Stocks opened lower on Thursday but the Dow and S&P hung around the breakeven mark until the Fed Meeting Minutes were released and investors heard what they wanted to hear... I think. Well, that is the interpretation of the rally that followed. Basically it sounds like the Fed said things aren't growing enough to raise rates yet.

    The Dow gained 138-points, and the Nasdaq, which was lagging and down near 1% most of
  4. Bulls keeping the bears at bay

    It was a bit of a rollercoaster ride on Wednesday, but the bulls were able to withstand a late morning push by the bears. By the close, the Dow had gained 122-points, which was off the early highs, but also well off the lows too, and the indices basically traded within a recent rising channel, that could be considered "F" flags.

    Oil traded in a volatile range yesterday and that's something
  5. A pause at resistance

    tocks took a breather on Tuesday where neither the bulls nor the bears could make much headway, but some stiff overhead resistance held giving the bulls a reason to do a little profit taking. The Dow gained 14-points with most of that gain coming from a 7.7% pop in DuPont's stock price and a jump in oil related companies, while the broader major indices all suffered moderate losses.

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