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  1. The DC chaos has actually created normal patterns

    It was an interesting week for stocks as politics has become one of the major catalysts for a market looking for a catalyst. The Dow jumped 142-points on Friday after Thursday's reversal off of the recent lows. It was solid gains across the board but some overhead resistance and another late story out of D.C. pushed stocks off their intraday highs into the close.

  2. Was that it, or more churning and burning left?

    Stocks opened lower again on Thursday, following through on Wednesday's severe sell-off. Dip buyers showed up and the indices stabilized and then rallied into positive territory after more news out of Washington. The Dow gained 56-points and we saw better bounces in the broader indies. But it might still be considered a "dead cat bounce" at this point. We need to see more upside follow-through.

  3. Market Trumped by Politics

    The historically low volatility finally ended yesterday as stocks sold off after another wave of political turmoil. The Dow lost 373-points and we saw losses of about 2% or more across the board. The lagging small caps and Transports gave up 2.2% and 3.1% respectively, and we finally saw those open gaps get filled on the S&P 500.

  4. I-fund flies while dollar dies

    The Nasdaq led the way as large cap tech continues to roll. The Dow and S&P 500, along with the small caps and Transports, were all down slightly but closed well off their lows. The Dow lost 2-points. The I-fund had another good day as the dollar continues to decline.

  5. A 3rd gap opened...

    Stocks opened the week with a gap higher and while the indices wavered some during the day, the Dow and S&P 500 climbed back by the close to finish close to the intraday highs. The market leaders that we have been a little worried about, the Transports and small caps, had strong days but they closed off their highs and remain in or below their bear flags.

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