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  1. Headlines too much for investors

    Stocks were rocked on Thursday as investors gave way to the headlines that piled up on the day. The Dow lost 724-points, or 2.93%, on the day. We also saw 2% plus losses for most of the major indices. Are we heading for that test of the February lows?
  2. Fed stays 3 or 4 rate hikes, and stocks rally then fall

    Stocks had another volatile day Wednesday, as we might expect during an FOMC policy statement and Chair press conference. The policy statement announcement saw stocks rally, then fall into the close and the Dow gave back an early afternoon 250-point gain to close down 45-points. Most indices were down but small caps bucked that trend posting a solid gain.

  3. FOMC Day and Powell's 1st Press Conference

    Stocks were mostly higher yesterday with the Dow gaining 116-points, or about a 3rd of Monday's losses. The action was tentative in front of today's press conference and policy statement from the Fed. Small caps lagged while the Transports led percentage-wise. A rally in oil helped keep the S&P 500 in positive territory.
  4. Historically weak part of March, put to the test

    Stocks were higher on Friday, an options expiration day, causing trading volume to spike. The Dow ended the day up 73-points while the S&P was up slightly, and the Nasdaq was flat. Small caps outperformed and the rally in the dollar caused the I-fund to lag. ...
  5. The late weakness in stocks continues

    Stocks rallied early Thursday morning after positive trade comments from Peter Navarro, the Director of Trade in the White House, but as has been the trend this week, the early strength turned into afternoon weakness. The Dow did post a 116-point gain, but it had a near 300-point gain going before lunchtime. The other indices were flat to down as the recent leaders lagged, and the lagging Dow turned out to be the out-performer.
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