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  1. What trade war? ... Investors ask

    The tariff tantrum lasted a day as we saw the big losses from Wednesday completely reversed on Thursday. The Dow picked up 224-ppoints on the day while tech stocks led with the Nasdaq jumping 1.4%. The small caps and the Transports lagged a bit with neither getting back all of Wednesday's losses, but there was green across the board.

  2. Another tariff tantrum

    Just when we were saying that the news out of D.C. was quiet, we got another round of trade war bombs and stocks do what they do when we get them.... they fall. The Dow lost 220-points and I guess it could have been worse since that's about where the pre-open futures were pointing, so the loss was priced in early, and we traded near or above that level for most of the day.

  3. Stocks up... mostly, but some internal weakness

    Stocks rallied again on Tuesday, or at least many of them did. The Dow led on the upside again with a solid gain of 143-points, or 0.58%, but the broader indices didn't do quite as well with the Nasdaq closing barely positive, while the small caps and the Transports actually had poor days, closing down on the day.

  4. Rally continues as Financials join the parade

    Stocks rallied to start the new week, following through on Friday's jobs report triggered rally. Unlike on Friday, the Dow led the major three indices with a gain of 320-points, or 1.3%. The broader indices did very well but most ended with gains under 1%, except for the Transports and the Financials, which both gained over 2% on the day. The latter is a big deal since it the financials have been languishing of late.

  5. Goldilocks jobs report triggers rally

    Stocks rallied on Friday with an assist from a Goldilocks type jobs report. The Dow ended the day up 100-points and that was off it's early afternoon best levels but the broader indices were able to hold onto most of their gains. The Nasdaq had a big day gaining 1.34%

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