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This and that about the market, the TSP, maybe some politics, and life.

  1. Follow-through

    Stocks opened lower on Tuesday and the Dow was down and in jeopardy of having its longest daily losing streak in almost 40 years. But it didn't take long for the dip buyers to jump in and follow through with Monday's positive reversal and send the indices sharply higher for the day. The Dow, S&P 500, and small caps all gained about 3/4 of a percent, while the I-fund lagged a bit with a rebound in the dollar.

  2. Weak open gets bought

    tocks gapped lower on Monday morning and within minutes the Dow was down 184-points. Buyers quickly stepped up and we saw the indices come well off their lows with some closing in positive territory. The Dow ended the day down 46-points, the S&P slipped 0.10%, while the Nasdaq, small caps, Transportation Index, and the EAFE, all closed with minor gains.

  3. No vote on healthcare - what will it mean for stocks?

    It was a mixed and volatile day for stocks on Friday as investors awaiting the outcome of the healthcare bill. As the day went on and we saw no results, there was some selling the closer we got to the close. But just before 3 PM ET it was announced that the bill was being taken off the floor. Initially stocks sank, but we saw some buying late to end with a mixed bag. The Dow lost 60-points on the day while the S&P was just south of flat, and the Nasdaq and small ...
  4. Healthcare vote put on hold

    It was a classic reversal day yesterday as stocks opened flat, rallied up to some healthy gains, and reversed down to close slightly negative. The Dow was up about 100-points but ended the day down 5-points. The culprit? The House failed to vote on the healthcare bill, the event everyone was waiting for.

  5. Healthcare vote today... Could set market tone

    Stocks tacked on some losses early yesterday before the bleeding stopped and the indices found some stability. The results were mixed with the Dow slipping 7-points, but well off the morning lows. The Nasdaq had a string day while the S&P, small caps, and the I-fund saw small to modest gains.

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