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  1. Fed Minutes reverse early losses

    It wasn't looking good for the bulls heading into the early afternoon, but the release of the Fed minutes, which is not normally a market mover, reversed the action and most indices closed positive, and at the highs of the day. The Dow ended the day up 52-points reversing a 170-point decline at the lows earlier in the day. The Transports closed in negative territory, and the I-fund stumbled with the dollar making new intraday highs.

  2. Monday's rally getting digested

    For the second day in a row we had a positive open that turned out to be the highs of the day and we saw stocks give up their gains as the day went on, and by the close the indices posted modest losses. The Dow closed down 179-points, which percentage-wise was one of the laggards, along with the recently high flying small caps and the Transports, both of which pulled back into failed breakout territory.

  3. Can market add onto tariff delay rally, or was that it?

    The market gapped up on the open Monday morning after some positive trade talk out of Washington over the weekend and the Dow ended the day up an impressive 298-points or 1.2%. The Dow and the Transports led on the upside as the larger companies would benefit most from any delay in tariffs, but we still saw strong gains of 0.5% to 0.75% in the other indices as well.

  4. Futures point to a rally to start the new week

    Friday was a very quiet day for the market as stocks traded in a very tight range, as they had done all week. The Dow was flat while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq pulled back moderately. The small caps held up well again adding a small gain to its modest gain for the week, while the large caps and the I-fund saw modest losses for the week.

  5. Indices seem a little heavy after recent rally

    Stocks caught a bid in early trading moving the indices higher but they peaked an hour or so into the session and headed south. There was a push high in the last hour of trading, but that only served to recoup some of the losses the indices incurred during the bulk of the trading day. The Dow ended the day down 55-points, while the small caps continue to lead on the upside.

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