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This and that about the market, the TSP, maybe some politics, and life.

  1. Get ready for earnings

    Stocks faded toward the end of the day on Friday but still closed with modest gains. For the week the TSP funds were mixed with the C-fund picking up a small gain, the S-fund had a small loss, and the I-fund had a big week leading the way. Bonds were up moderately. Momentum still favors the bulls but the Transportation Index posted a big negative reversal day on Friday that we'll have to keep an eye on.

  2. Quiet slightly down day, tight ranges

    Light volume trading and very tight trading ranges continue during this normally more volatile month of October. Those numbers that are red below mean stocks were down - just in case you forgot. It's been a while since we've seen them.

  3. Drip, drip, drip... up

    Stocks ticked higher again on Wednesday after some early selling gave dip buyers another reason to do their thing. The Dow gained 42-points, or 0.18%, with similar minor gains in the other major indices. The tax cut talk is keeping the bears away, so despite some overvaluations in this extended market, apparently not many are willing to sell until this is resolved.

  4. Another unusual October light volume snoozer

    Stocks opened higher on Tuesday but drifted lower for most of the morning before stabilizing and grinding higher into the close. The Dow gained 70-points on the day with modest to moderate gains in most indices. The share prices below include the action in the stock market on Monday, when the TSP was closed and stocks were down, so it's the total of the two days.

  5. Stocks dip, bonds closed during Federal holiday

    Stocks were down slightly on Monday but because of the holiday, the bond market was closed as were many banks so it was a very light trading day for stocks. The Dow ended the day down 13-points after similar slight losses on Friday as well.
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