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  1. Negative Dow and S&P, but late buying keeping them afloat

    Stocks were mixed again on Monday after a fairly sharp sell-off to start the day, but once again the bulls battled back and kept the damage to a minimum, and in some cases like the Nasdaq and the small caps, pushed them into positive territory. The Dow lost 103-points on the day but it seems to be a sector picking market where the assets from the sales are buying something else.

  2. Busy week and rate hike done... now what?

    There was a lot of red on Friday, but the bulls did a very good job of holding back the bears as they took control in the afternoon and turned deeper losses into minor declines. The Dow lost 85-points but percentage-wise the broader indices were just barely on the negative side. Bonds were up.

  3. Mixed results as investors ponder events

    The market was mixed as the Dow closed down 26-points, 0r 0.10%, while the S&P added 0.25%, and the Nasdaq and small caps performed even better. So it feels like investors are still trying to process the new interest rate outlook from the Fed, the recent major merger, and any possible effects the meeting with North Korean had, as they try to piece together what these events will do to the different sectors.

  4. Fed gets more hawkish

    The Fed increased the Fed Funds rate by 0.25% as expected, but the twist was that they had a more hawkish outlook this time around, and the odds are now looking like another possible two rate hikes this year. Two was a possibility but it has now become more likely, and that seems to be what the late selling was responding to.

  5. Fed Day

    It was another fairly flat day on the eve of the FOMC meeting, although there were certainly pockets of strength in the Nasdaq and the small caps. The Dow lost 2-points while the S&P added 5.

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