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  1. Yields, earnings, charts all battling for direction

    Stocks came back from some morning losses on Friday, but off the afternoon highs, to close near the flat line. The Dow lost 11-points on the day and that closed out a fairly flat week for the large caps, while small caps lagged with a 0.73% loss on the week. The Nasdaq opened sharply higher after Amazon's earnings report, but that early gain was completely wiped out.

  2. Yields dip, earnings rise - good recipe for stocks

    Stocks rallied on more good earnings reports, and yesterday there was a little less profit taking and more jumping on the Facebook bandwagon. The Dow gained 239-points, or 1%, while the Nasdaq shined with a gain of 1.64%, but we saw pockets of weakness as the Dow Transportation Index was down almost 1% on the day, although it did climb back from an early nearly 2% loss.

  3. It happened, and the world didn't end

    The Dow gained 60-points on the day yesterday, snapping a 6-day losing streak, but that relatively flat close came after a 322-point swing from the lows to highs, and back again. The other major indices were also fairly flat on the day after weathering the day's volatility. The 10-Year Treasury Yield closed above 3% for the first time in a long time.

  4. 3 Percent yield helps trigger sell-off

    Stocks opened higher on Tuesday but the rally quickly faded and, spurred on by the 10-Year Yield hitting 3% and some comments by Caterpillar's CEO, the indices fell, and fell sharply, for the next several hours. The Dow, down over 600-points by mid-afternoon, rallied a bit into the close and ended with a loss of 425-points.

  5. Stocks inversely follow the 10-Year Treasury Yield

    After some morning strength and afternoon weakness, stocks ended the day just about where they started on Monday, and the action was pretty uneventful. The Dow lost 14-points, the S&P was virtually flat, while small caps and the Nasdaq saw minor losses. The dollar rallied causing the I-fund to under-perform.

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