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  1. VIX up and negative reversals all over the charts

    Stocks opened higher on Tuesday, but after two big up days on Friday and Monday, the rally ran out of steam fairly quickly. With some help of higher interest rate talk from the new Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell, we saw an already failing morning rally turn into a sell-off by the afternoon. The Dow lost 299-points or 1.16%.

  2. Bull flag breakouts

    Stocks gapped open higher on Monday morning and other that a little sharp decline scare when the open was sold off, the indices stabilized and almost effortlessly moved higher from there into the close. The Dow gained 399-points, or 1.58%, while the broader indices were up closer to 1%, and the small caps gained "just" 0.58%.
  3. Big rally pushed indices to the top of bull flags

    A big rally on Friday turned what looked like would clearly be a negative week, into a positive one. After four straight days of wide intraday ranges that saw indices give up gains and close at their lows, Friday saw the indices close at the top of the range and, as you'll see below, on the brink of a potential bull flag breakouts.
  4. Dow up, other indices flat after another reversal

    Cyclical stocks like Caterpillar and United Tech led the way yesterday helping the Dow to a strong gain of 165-points, but that was almost 200-points off the early highs so we continue to see a pattern of early strength and late weakness in stocks. The other indices were basically flat on the day with the S&P 500 giving up almost all of its early 1% gain. ...
  5. Another negative reversal

    Stocks were down on Wednesday after another wild ride. It wasn't a severe down day, but it was a severe reversal. The Dow lost 167-points or 0.67%, but that looks a lot worse when you factor in the early 303-point gain at the highs just an hour or so before the closing bell, so that's a 470-point intraday turnaround. The S-fund was down a slight 0.15%, which is interesting because the index it follows was down 0.68%.
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