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  1. Minor post-holiday losses reverses minor pre-holiday gains

    Stocks started the post-holiday week with a bit of a reversal from last week's action. The light volume small gains late last week were met with light volume small losses on Tuesday. That ended a 7-day winning streak for the S&P 500. The Dow lost 51-points on the day and the losses
  2. Slow holiday action last week favors bulls

    Stocks were almost dead flat by the close on Friday but the 75 cent gain in the S&P 500 made it a 7th positive close in a row. The Dow slipped 3-points on the day and no matter you slice it, it was a light volume slow day for stocks.

  3. 6 in a row before the holiday

    Stocks made it 6 positive days in a row since last Wednesday's "shock day" and it appears the bears have laid down again letting the bulls have their way. The Dow gained 71-points on the day. The Transportation Index led, as oil plummeted, while small caps and the I-fund lagged.

  4. Another slow grind higher

    It was a low volume quiet day for stocks and despite still not being able to make new highs, the bulls were able to keep the bears at bay for another day. The Dow closed up 43-points and we saw modest gains across the board. The I-fund lagged after the dollar puts in a n overdue positive day.

  5. New high in S&P, thanks to the Fed

    It was another quiet low volume trading day and we saw modest gains across the board yesterday with a little help from the Fed. The Dow gained another 75-points as all of the indices are grinding higher. The S&P 500 actually made a new all-time closing high but some of the other indices continue to lag, and unfortunately its some of the market leaders.

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