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This and that about the market, the TSP, maybe some politics, and life.

  1. Bonds' turn

    Stocks were slightly lower on Thursday and the Dow shed 14-points. The losses were mostly muted but once again the market opened higher, but failed to hold onto those early gains. Small caps lost some early moderate gains but held on to close slightly positive.

  2. Is pension rebalancing pushing indices around?

    Stocks had their worst day since the Fed's rate hike two weeks ago. After opening in positive territory, the Dow ended the day with a 111-point loss pushing further away from its hyped 20,000 level. The broader indices like the S&P 500, Nasdaq, and small caps lost closer to 1%. There's no doubt that the early momentum has been fading into the close of late. Not usually a good sign but it could also change on a dime during a holiday week.

  3. Consumer Confidence is highest since 2001

    It was more typical light volume, positive biased, holiday action yesterday, although stocks peaked early in the day and drifted lower throughout the afternoon to close well off the highs. Still the Dow held onto an 11-point gain while small caps and the Nasdaq led the way again with solid gains.

  4. Is China topping?

    Stocks were flat for most of the day on Friday, but some late buying pushed most indices into positive territory and the day ended with slight to modest gains. The Dow gained 15-points while the Nasdaq and small caps led the way.

  5. Slippage

    It was another light volume, sideways to lower day for stocks as the normally strong week has been leaking in recent days, digesting the large gains it picked up leading into the holidays and since the election. The Dow lost 23-points while small caps were hit the hardest.

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