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  1. Top 5 Ways to Handle a Boring Meeting

    Originally posted at GovLoop - Social Network for Govies

    Top 5 Ė Ways to Handle a Boring Meeting

    Iím writing a little series on Top 5s. Iíll write my top 5s on various topics and I encourage you to write yours.

    Meetings can be super boring. Thus we need survival mechanisms. Hereís my top 5 survival mechanisms.

    1 Ė Blackberry messenger Ė most Govies are still on blackberries. Many have BBerry messenger which is a ...
  2. Multi-Dimensional Feds - Flag Football to World Series of Poker

    In the media, government employees are cast like they are a different species. Living underground in caves, we speak a different language (bureaucratize), have different morals (obscurity), and generally make your life difficult.

    One of the most interesting things Iíve found working in public service is the diversity of the public service. Iím particularly interested in what people do after work.

    In my five years, Iíve met a number of interesting govies including:
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