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  1. Stocks overbought, but are the problems behind them?

    Stocks opened lower on Friday but we did see buyers step up after the initial dip, and the day ended with mixed results. The Dow lost 34-points and small caps were off moderately, but the S&P 500 was up slightly while the Transportation Index and the Nasdaq led with solid gains.

  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks were up this week after a deal in Greece was reached bringing the ordeal to an end, for now. Reinvigorated investors were ready to put their money back to work just in time for earnings season. Good earnings reports from big names such as Google kept the rally going and it seemed nobody wanted to be left behind. Earnings reports will continue to come in next week which will give traders something other than geopolitical headlines to focus on.

    All the TSP funds ended the week ...

    Updated 07-20-2015 at 08:49 PM by TommyIV

  3. Bulls remain in charge, but...

    Stocks opened higher on Thursday and did a pretty good job remaining in positive territory, and then closed at the highs. The Dow gained 70-points while percentage -wise the broader indices did even better.

    We've seen some strong earnings reports coming in from the big names like Intel, Google, and Netflix, and that has the Nasdaq on a roll. Google's report came after the close Thursday and the Nasdaq futures are flying again. The S&P 500
  4. Market rally takes a day off, but now Greece finalizes deal

    Stocks chopped around quite a bit on Wednesday, which isn't bad action considering the recent spike higher. The Dow lost just 3-points, but small caps saw some more stiff losses.

    The bailout deal was approved in Greece, so perhaps that is finally behind us... at least until their next payment is due, anyway.

  5. Day #3 of rally. Will there be a 4th?

    Stocks opened flat to slightly lower on Tuesday, but some slow and buying sent the indices to modest gains and the Dow ended the day with a gain of 76-points.

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