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  1. Friday's Commentary ... Oops!

    It looks like my Friday commentary didn't get posted in the Blog area for some reason. It was posted on the main comments page - TSP Talk - Market Commentary so you may have seen it)... Sorry about that. Better late than never?

    Stocks rallied strongly again on Thursday as the Dow jumped another 369-points and that makes it 988-points in 2-days. Talk about a snap-back rally. As we've said, they can be explosive. They can last days, and even weeks, but the easy
  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    The sell-off in stocks continued into Monday's open and from there we saw an extremely volatile week. The bulls fought to turn around the oversold market but couldn't hold onto to gains going into the close Monday and Tuesday. Finally we saw the relief rally Wednesday and Thursday and the bulls fought back Friday to get back early losses to finish the week off in positive territory. The fight is not over yet though. The volatility may continue next week as this disturbed market should oscillate ...

    Updated 08-29-2015 at 04:13 PM by TommyIV

    TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Ups
  3. Relief!

    Stocks soared on Wednesday as the Dow gained 619-points, which is the 3rd largest point gain ever. But as usual, the only way you get a point gain like that is to follow some big losses. So if you got were lucky enough to get those gains yesterday, you have probably been taking a beating up that point. If you missed the gains yesterday, you were probably lucky (or good) enough to miss the downside carnage. There may be a few of the very fortunate people out there who
  4. Big gains disappear late

    After a thunderous open which had the Dow up over 400-points during morning trading and well over 300 as late as 3 PM ET, the bears stepped in before the close and took the indices deep into the red again. The Dow ended the day down 205-points.

  5. Capitulation... or not?

    Stocks were hit hard again as the Dow opened the day down about 1100-points. Incredibly, it recovered about 1000 of those points before turning back down and ending the volatile day with a loss of 588-points.

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