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  1. Quick look...

    Still 75G & 25F

    On the weekly chart in AGG, despite the 2 day pullback, we continue to show the 104.48 white line as support.

    TSP Withdrawal Plans-1-png

    Comparing these two charts you can see how the Dow Jones Transportation Average is showing more weakness. It has 3 closes under the 20 SMA.

    TSP Withdrawal Plans-2-png

    The dollar is at the top of the descending price channel.

    TSP Withdrawal Plans-3-png

    Updated 09-29-2009 at 11:38 PM by JTH

  2. Bearish Close

    It may not mean a whole lot, but volume was once again very anemic for the day. But it did pick up pace towards the close and it was to the downside. I won't read too much into this as it wasn't particularly remarkable, but it is possible that some follow-through selling interest may be coming. Tomorrow is the last trading day of the quarter and we are not seeing a lot of window dressing being applied. It would seem yesterday's buying spree was a response to last weeks selling pressure along with ...
  3. Hind Sight is Not a Strategy

    I had expected (hoped actually) that Friday would have been the day we'd see some positive action following two down days, but it looks like I was one day off. But when I get a sell signal (last Thursday) I can't wait around for a trading day that suits me. So I follow the system for better or worse. It's the long term I'm interested in, so one day's action is meaningless for all intents and purposes, and hind sight in not a strategy.

    I did not expect to see a buy signal too quick ...
  4. Agg @ 104.47

    Currently allocated 75% G, 25% F

    In a previous blog I made a case for AGG @ the 104.03 white line being an area of key resistance. Now that we've had 8 closes above that level on the Daily charts, I'm ready to start watching the next higher level @ 104.47 the yellow line.

    F fund-1-png

    Looking at the Daily charts I'd favor a pullback. as you can see, we closed at the top of the asending trendline last Friday. For September,
  5. A Modest Pause Before a Continuation Higher

    Unfortunately, we had another down close yesterday, in spite of rising bearishness. That's not a surprise, but I ended up giving back the bulk of my gains. Still, I had a positive trade and hope that this sell signal will lead me to lower prices on the next buy signal. I do not think it will be too long before we see it either. I'm leaning towards early October to see another reversal, but we'll just have to see how it plays out.

    I had mentioned that this is still a bull market, and ...
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