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  1. Down to the line

    Down to the line, but which one?

    We have before us an epic battle of what I feel are the two most dominant trendlines since October 2007. Next week we get to see which one breaks first...

    What a couple of weeks-1-png

    What a couple of weeks-2-png
  2. Updated Charts

    Here are some updates from the previous charts I posted from the last blog.

    AGG is riding along the ascending channel and has broken above the recent sideways trading action. In case you haven't noticed this is 6 up days in a row. While the air is thin up here, this could serve us well. There is no real history up above these levels, it's uncharted territory which could mean there isn't resistance to fight.
    What a couple of weeks-1-png

    On the weekly charts the S&P

    Updated 11-12-2009 at 09:55 PM by JTH

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  3. Now What

    Tuesday I made the comment that because of the holiday, I may miss my best opportunity to sell, and while I don't know what the next day or two of trading has in store for us, I'm starting to think I may have been correct.

    It's difficult to say what may happen next, but we've bounced off resistance at the upper end of the channel, and with today's decline the bears are probably thinking we're on the way back down again. And maybe we are, but that may depend on how beared up things ...
  4. What's Not to Like?

    For just a little while this morning it looked like we might be off the races again, but a rebound by the dollar and technical resistance in the charts caused stocks to pullback and meander the rest of the day. We have a couple of data releases tomorrow (Initial Claims and Continuing Claims) which may provide the trading catalyst for tomorrow's action.

    We did poke through 1100 on SPX today, and market action seems to indicate we'll break through and close above that level soon. The ...
  5. Government Control

    Once again the Government has not listened to the majority of its people. The majority has spoken out thru polls, tea parties, standing at the White house, calling and emailing representatives, but they refuse to hear any of it. This administration is determined to decide what they think is best for the American people. They are determined to have absolute and total control. That in itself demonstrates their intent.

    Make no mistake about it our Government has a socialist agenda and ...

    Updated 11-11-2009 at 10:51 PM by ezmoney (Erroneous Information. Gerald Ford not Thomas Jefferson)

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