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  1. Introduction

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    Welcome to my new blog. I'm going to try and write articles geared for the newbies to Gov't or TSP Talk. I'll cover topics such as a broad overview of TSP, on-line access, interfund transfers or IFT's, fair valuation or FV's, TSP funds, TSP Talk tracker, posting to TSP TALK message board, TSP Talk paid services, etc..

    Most of the information you see here will come from,, and our message board. Valuable information is buried in the ...
  2. Investment Ideas

    There are literally hundreds of thousands of investment newsletters, stock pickers, fund managers, and market timers out there that charge yearly subscription fees for people like us to obtain market insight. I'm not going to get into any specific paid services or my individual reviews on the services I do subscribe to, but I have found a few hidden gems out there for those who may not want to try a subscription based service due to cash constraints.

    I'm sure most of us can agree that ...
  3. Now or never

    When I see a daily return in the stock market with a "1" in front of it these days, it almost seems like it was a flat day. The S and I funds lost "only 1.8% and 1.6% respectively. The C fund was down 2.6%. Of course a 1% move used to be considered large, but not in this market environment.

    The S&P 500 dropped below that 866 level I would have liked to have seen it hold. The reason I was watching the 866 area was because it was the 50% retracement of Thursday's ...
  4. Rally fails quickly, but technically still OK

    Stocks could not follow-through on Friday after Thursday's big reversal day, as the Dow gave back 338 of Thursday's 553-point gain. The TSP stock funds dropped between 4% and 5.6%, which is really amazing, but quite routine lately.

    If there is any bright spot, the market gave back less than 50% of Thursday's trough to peak rally. This can be considered a technical retracement and if the market can hold up well this morning, we could see the rally resume.

    Here's what ...
S&P 500 (C Fund)
DWCPF (S Fund)
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