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  1. Resilience Reins

    I was a little concerned about how Monday's trading action would fare after last week's OPEX, but once again the market showed some resilience in spite of the selling pressure today. This was welcome action as we need to consolidate the recent gains in a manner that won't trigger another Seven Sentinels sell signal. The closer we get to October 1st without a sell condition, the better. I don't have any IFTs to give other than go to G fund, so every day brings me that much closer to greater flexibility. ...
  2. AGG, Silver, and the Dollar

    At this moment I'm looking for AGG to test the lower end of the rising price channel.

    On the Hourly charts, AGG failed to put in a higher high. Instead it put in a double top, and we do have a lower open gap yet to be filled. This could give us a nice M pattern.

    On the Daily charts, Thursday we bounced off the Bollinger band and Friday we put in an inside day or Bearish Harami

    On the Weekly charts although we put in a .03 higher high, we closed at the exact
  3. The Top 3

    As most of you know, I've been watching these Top 3 indexes, looking for signs of weakness within this current uptrend we've been in.

    On the hourly charts, the Dow Jones Transportation Average has put in a Bearish 10/20EMA cross-under.

    Everything's Up-1-png

    On the Daily charts all 3 are trading in the upper half of their Bollinger bands, but you can clearly see where on Wednesday the Transportation Average started to show weakness.

    Everything's Up-2-png

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  4. Obama on Health Care - A Political Perspective

    Quote Originally Posted by phil View Post
    Thanks. It's not personal. Maybe someday I'll even buy the beer.
    For quite some time I avoided the political side of this MB. Part of it was time constraints and part of it was the sensitive nature of the subject. I don't remember why I chose to venture into it. Maybe it was like a black hole that eventually sucked me in.

    For whatever reason I did jump into it. Not unexpectedly, I found that it can be an emotional journey, not just for myself, but for anyone ...
  5. Time For Vigilance

    Our last buy signal on the Seven Sentinels was on September 4th. We've had a great run since that buy signal was issued. However, the past two trading days are showing some deterioration in market internals. That may mean more weakness is on its way or it could simply mean the market is taking a breather. We'll know soon enough next week.

    There are no indications that this rally is over, but we may be seeing another tradeable sell signal beginning to develop. Since the March low, ...

    Updated 09-19-2009 at 12:51 PM by coolhand

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