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  1. Redemption

    Or so it feels like it. After being hit hard by the market yesterday and unable to lighten up, the market reversed course today in a big way and reclaimed most of yesterday's losses. And I took to the opportunity to sell into it.

    I've repeated myself on numerous occasions about how difficult it is being "nimble" with TSP when volatility is high or when the market decides to quickly and decisively reverse course in either direction. The seven sentinels gets whipsawed by such action ...

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  2. This One Left a Mark

    If you had any doubts about the intermediate term direction of the market based on the seven sentinels sell signal two days ago, today's action should have cured that. Bad enough I waited an extra day just to be sure I wasn't going to get whipsawed again, but the inability of being able to access my account today to raise cash made matters even worse. It may work out, but today's downward slide put an exclamation point on the current sell-off. And on volume too.

    It's time to be defensive ...
  3. Extra Ordinary Times

    Extra Ordinary Times, Part II - (view part I)

    Yes we need someone who is not afraid to bring our jobs back home; because of NAFTA we have lost jobs in all fifty states roughly around 800,000 since inception in 1993 till around 2000. We have spent the last two decades de-industrializing our economy. Add to that our unemployment figures given at 9.8 which in reality is really 11.8. It is almost more than one can comprehend. Try a disappointing roughly three million jobs maybe more lost ...

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  4. More Fibonacci Fun

    Thus far the Transports have retraced 88.27% from the previous swing low-high. It looks to be forming an M-Pattern which could lead to a Bearish MA-pattern But M-Patterns are far outside the scope of my knowledge base so if you want to add something please feel free.

    I'm neutral on AGG as it appears to be trading sideways from 104.03 to 104.70 I doubt I'll change my mind until we see a break past either of these 2 levels.
    Transfer to G fund for Friday 3/18/04-5-png

    As for $SPX if we ...

    Updated 10-27-2009 at 11:16 PM by JTH

  5. Now It's Ugly

    Now it's ugly. Yesterday I felt that although the seven sentinels issued a sell signal, we were due for some moderate trading, if not a rally. I'd seen this setup before and wanted to give the market a bit more time before I threw in the towel, but the charts are not looking good at all. The underlying bullishness that's been so steady for the last 8 months is starting to appear as though it's disappeared.

    Normally I would have sold my position today after yesterday's SS sell signal, ...
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