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  1. Moving Lower

    I was watching the President's State of the Union Address on the Bloomberg Channel last night, so I could monitor futures while the speech was given. I found it interesting that futures began modesty higher at the beginning of the speech and didn't vary too much until the last 20 minutes or so when they moved markedly higher. That gave me the impression that the President's speech would be used as a catalyst the next trading day (not necessarily up either), but by early morning those futures were ...

    Updated 01-28-2010 at 07:35 PM by coolhand (spelling)

  2. Market Quilt Monday late

    Just got back from Vegas, so I haven't had time to dig into the charts. Here is a quick look at the Quilts.

    Of the 3 time frames for the Golden cross, the 15 minute and hourly charts are on a hard sell.
    Here We Go Again, Going Back to G-1-jpg

    From my perspective, the fall we've had in stocks has not transcribed into a large climb in bonds.
    Here We Go Again, Going Back to G-2-jpg

    Interesting enough stocks are also all in yellow. Check out
  3. Another Intraday Reversal

    As expected, the FOMC annoucement this afternoon was received with relatively little fanfare and held no surprises. Once it was out of the way the market lifted off its lows and ended the day in moderately higher fashion.

    Tomorrow morning we have four economic reports being released before the open (Initial claims, Continuing claims, Durable orders, and Durable orders ex transportation). But there's also a good possibility that the market's tone may already be set after the President's ...
  4. A 2010 Forecast

    The following appeared in Scribbler's TSP & Economic Update on December 30, 2009:

    &nbspLike most other newsletter writers, it falls upon me to write about some of the trends that I believe will appear in the coming year. Of course, it is somewhat silly to try and narrow what trends will develop and cease within a 12 month period. But nonetheless, I give it a try, with the parenthetical disclaimer that it could take more than a year to occur. At the end of next year ...
  5. Follow-Through Didn't Hold

    We got the rally I was looking for today. Unfortunately, it was sold before I could lock in any gains. But it wasn't nearly as robust as I'd hoped. I bailed to cash just the same as risk was still high and seems to be ratcheting up.

    None of the ecomomic reports carried much weight today, and the market generally shrugged them off. Earnings reports have largely been good, but the market seems to be looking past them. After the close, Yahoo (YHOO) was up +2.9% following Q4 Earnings, ...
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