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  1. Two for Two

    It may not be the "official" holiday trading period, but it's still an abbreviated trading week and the holiday bias does seem to be with us. Since OPEX expiration the stock market has posted two days in a row of gains. The Nasdaq is leading the pack, which is what we want to see.

    Can it be this easy? In spite of bullish sentiment?

    I don't know, but I'm impressed so far. We have a Seven Sentinels buy signal in force right now and today saw fresh 52 week highs posted ...
  2. Imagine That

    I can tell the current trading environment is not typical. After just two days the Seven Sentinels flipped back to a buy. Imagine that.

    But the one constant is that we are still relatively range bound with a positive bias. And we're back at the upper end of the channel again, maybe even above it. Can we call this a breakout? Maybe. But all seven signals are still close to their respective EMAs, so it's not out of the question that we can't flip right back to a sell again.
  3. Quick Update

    Here's how the sentiment picture is shaping up for this week's trading.

    Ticker Sense

    39% Bulls
    28% Bears

    Modestly bearish

    Investors Intelligence

    52% Bulls
    17% Bears



    42% Bulls
    28% Bears

    Moderately Bearish

    TSP Talk

    62% Bulls
    26% Bears


    Trader's Talk
  4. AD Update 20 Dec 2009

    Axial-Drifter Update for 20 Dec 2009

    If you recall, this is a 2 out of 3 system. If 2 signals within a fund go into a sell the fund goes into a sell. If two funds go into a sell the entire systems exits to the G-Fund.

    For now CSI funds remain on a buy. While both the S3 and I3 signals are on a sell, without confirmation from their counterparts the S & I funds themselves remain on a buy.

    The C-Fund's C1 & C2 are establishing a pullback while C3 has

    Updated 12-22-2009 at 11:15 PM by JTH

  5. Now Comes the Moment of Truth

    OPEX is out of the way. That means the next two weeks will reveal a truer picture of market dynamics, even if it is the holidays.

    I won't bother to try and analyze Friday's action too much, but volume was significantly above the 10-day average again. It appeared dip buyers were at work in the final hour of trading too. But it remains to be seen whether this is as bullish as it appears on the surface. Especially given early sentiment readings for this week. But I'm still waiting for ...
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