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  1. Weekend Update

    The tracker has changed quite a bit in the past month or so. I'm talking about the whole tracker. Early on in January few folks had negative returns as the Santa Claus rally got extended. And then we had some serious selling pressure, which flipped the whole picture around as negative returns were the norm. Now we've had a big turn back to the upside and most folks have managed to get well again.

    Here's how things look going into Monday's trading activity:

    Patterns-2010-fund-allocation-~-top-50-chart-3-jpg ...
  2. No Storm Clouds yet

    It was a pretty thin week as economic reports go. But the market continued its climb regardless of a lack of catalysts. I suppose we could attribute it to momentum if nothing else. In spite of the fact that we've come a long way in a short period of time, I don't think we see any significant selling pressure for at least another week, and maybe not till early April. OPEX is next week and that should keep a bid under the market. We are also approaching the end of the 1st quarter so some window dressing ...
  3. One Strong Bull Move

    I had a lengthy post all put together this evening and lost it just as I tried to post it. So I'm going to make this brief as my laptop battery is running low. I'll be showing only three signals this evening.

    New to site - lucky-namo-jpg

    In a word, toppy, but it could move sideways or even continue higher. Both signals are bouncing off their 6 day EMAs and look ready to weaken, even for a very short term.

    New to site - lucky-bpcompq-jpg

    Very strong signal ...
  4. Price Pays

    Price Pays
    But are you paying yourself?

    Technical indicators are a great tool, as is watching the news or reading the blogs. But I would like to point out that at times technical indicators fail, and all news casters will be wrong, as will be every blogger. I say this because I've noticed an increase in the griping about the low volume in the indexes. I agree, yes volume is low, but I care more about spikes in volume that marks tops, bottoms, and breakouts, ...

    Updated 03-10-2010 at 12:34 PM by JTH

  5. Monday Bust?

    Considering how most Monday's have traded in the past, today was downright boring. But after last week's gains should it surprise us?

    No economic reports today, and none on tap for tomorrow either.

    Today's charts:

    Closing info on 3/26/04-namo-jpg

    No real damage done here, still on a buy, but notice how high the 6 day EMA has risen. It could move higher, but every day increases the odds for some selling pressure.

    Closing info on 3/26/04-nahl-jpg ...
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