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  1. The Bears are biting back

    A lot of my TSP friends have been getting Bearish on me. I don’t hold any malice against them; in fact, I love the swatting of Bullish & Bearish banter among us. Most of them aren’t invested so they have a keen interest in seeing this market take a dump. I am invested, so my interest lies in taking profits. Most of them are killing me on the tracker, so if you’re following me over them then you might want to have your head examined.

    For the most part, I’ve been Bullish in the short-term ...
  2. Behind Closed Doors

    In normal times, the word I'd use is frustrated. But that doesn't fit my feelings right now. Concerned is closer to the mark, but even that doesn't quite capture it.

    For some time now we've been witnessing some extraordinary market activity. We've seen the demise of Lehman Bros. and Bear Stearns. We watched AIG brought back from the brink. Billions of dollars have been poured into the banking sector. Freddy and Fannie have been resurrected. General Motors has now become Government ...
  3. Cherry picking...

    For the purpose of this blog I’m going to keep it relatively optimistic, hence the “cherry picking.” But please remember that while many charts look bullish, $TRAN has yet to make a higher high and has a ways to go before it test its 200 MA.

    At some point I’d like to see a second test of the lower green trend lines on the S&P 500 & the S&P 500 Equal Weighted charts. I would expect a bounce off those lines, but if that doesn’t happen and they fall through, I will see that as a serious ...

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  4. Respect the trend

    As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I was expecting a pullback and wanting a test of the 200 MA. Luckily things played out perfectly and we got both. I imagine at some point this market will give us a significant pullback. I don’t believe we are there yet, but if the charts do turn over I’ll be the first (I hope) to make an exit. For now, my hope is that we are ready to start trading in a higher channel, but we need confirmation.

    3/12 for 3/15/04-1-png

    While ...
  5. Follow The Indicators

    Yep, all eyes on the Dollar, and the jury says it's going lower. It's not a good thing to read about a declining dollar in your local newspaper. The demise of our currency almost seems like too sure a thing to me but if it goes lower I'm hoping my UNG purchases begin to give me some kind of inflation hedge. Not that I want high gas prices, but you've gotta do what you've gotta do...

    From a bullish standpoint, I'd like to see a good 20% drop to wipe out the players who bought the ...
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