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  1. Trading the Stats: 2nd Quarter

    While the rough start to January 2016 jolted many of us, February managed to close flat, followed by what was an impressive March close. Somehow, the S&P 500 managed to eek out a positive gain for the 1st Quarter, it's not an impressive win, but it is an important psychological victory for those who are still mentally battered. I've noticed the bearish slant over the past 2 months, and while I don't agree with it, I do understand that when folks get their teeth kicked in, it takes a while before ...

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  2. March 2016 Jobs Report

  3. The wild 1st quarter comes to an end

    Stocks slipped on Thursday as investors took some profits to end the first quarter. The losses were minor with the Dow losing 32-points, the S&P shedding 4, while the small caps actually had a decent day. The international markets lagged and bonds were up sharply.

  4. Remember the election year chart?

    Momentum from Tuesday's rally rolled in to the open on Wednesday but the day's highs were made within the first 20 minutes of trading. Stocks finished with decent gains, the Dow gained 84-points, but closed off the highs as the indices continue to get stretched and are possibly set up for some profit taking in April.

  5. Yellen triggers another rally

    It was the Janet Yellen show on Wall Street yesterday as stocks opened moderately lower, but as soon as Ms. Yellen stepped behind the microphone, stocks blasted off and never looked back. The gains were not huge, less than 1% (although small caps and the I-fund had big days), but the reversal was impressive. The Dow gained 98-points while the S&P 500 added 0.88%. Bonds were also up as the AGG broke out to new highs.

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