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  1. Sentiment Survey Results...

    TSP Talk Sentiment Survey results for the week of 11/30/15 - 12/04/15

    The TSP Talk Sentiment Survey came in at 56% bulls, 28% bears.

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  2. Following a slow holiday week

    Stocks were flat to moderately higher on Friday, similar to what we saw on Wednesday. The Dow lost 15-points on Friday, making the two-day loss - since our last commentary, 14-points. Pretty flat, but once again the small caps were out-performing.

    I write my Monday commentaries on Sunday night and having traveled all Sunday, this will be my last quickie, and I will ...
  3. A Mixed Week

    The market's performance last week was quite mixed. It isn't all that often that the 3 TSP stock funds have such a wide range of end-of-week performance, but they did last week as the C fund ended almost flat with a very modest 0.09% gain, while the I fund was down 0.47% and the S fund jumped higher by 1.7%.

    Obviously, if you were in stocks last week you wanted to be in the S fund. But it was probably just a matter of time before the S fund caught up (to some extent) with the C fund ...

    Updated 11-30-2015 at 12:21 PM by coolhand

  4. Trading the Stats: December

    The last month of the trading year is my favorite. For myself, it’s a time of reflection of the year’s past and preparation for our next year’s future. Good or bad, it’s when we lock in our yearly performance, and if we’re lucky, we get to apply those learned lesson, and carry them forward.

    Statistically speaking, December is an awesome month to be invested, with both the SPX & W4500 recording both strong winning ratios and average returns. For SPX, 17% of the year’s average monthly
  5. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Large caps were virtually flat this week as small caps led with modest gains. The short week had mixed action but the greatest movement came Tuesday when the Turkish military shot down a Russian fighter jet over Syria. The S&P 500 opened down after the news but buyers shrugged it off before noon and the index was back to about where it started for the week and held close to that price for the remaining of the week.

    The S-fund led with modest gains while the I-fund was the only TSP ...
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