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  1. Sentiment Survey Results...

    by , 08-09-2014 at 11:20 AM (TSP Talk Blog)

    TSP Talk Sentiment Survey results for the week of 08/11/14- 08/15/14

    The TSP Talk Sentiment Survey came in at 43% bulls, 41% bears.

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  2. Downside continues

    by , 08-07-2014 at 08:53 PM (TSP Talk Blog)

    Stocks opened higher on Thursday but the sellers were not far off and we saw a very weak afternoon of trading. By the close the Dow was down 75-points and the losses were about a half of a percent in the major indices.

  3. Flat

    by , 08-06-2014 at 07:43 PM (TSP Talk Blog)

    We got a little bit of everything on Wednesday but in the end, nothing really happened. Stocks opened lower, reversed sharply higher, came back to break-even, and that's about where it ended. The Dow gained 14-points and many indices closed near the flat line. The small caps led on the upside and the I-fund and Transports lagged.

  4. Volatity resumes

    by , 08-05-2014 at 08:14 PM (TSP Talk Blog)
    After a day of calm, volatility kicked in again and on Tuesday and the Dow experienced another triple digit loss. Percentage-wise it wasn't as bad as the 140-point loss looks, particularly for the small caps and the I-fund, but the S&P 500 did lose almost 1%.

  5. Relief

    by , 08-04-2014 at 11:38 PM (TSP Talk Blog)

    Stocks floundered during the first half of the day, but buyers showed up in afternoon trading and we saw a decent relief rally. The Dow gained 76-points and the S&P 500 and the small cap fund gained about 0.7% each.

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