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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    The long weekend last week gave traders some extra time to digest the headlines of the costly damage of Hurricane Harvey and the hype of additional hurricanes following; and on top of that, the threat of North Korea testing missiles over the weekend. So not surprisingly, U.S. stocks sold off Tuesday morning. The tricky part is that by mid-Tuesday traders had gotten it out of their system. Dip buyers stepped in for the last few hours of trading and a good portion of the early losses were taken back. ...
  2. Storm concerns not phasing stock market

    Stocks were flat yesterday as the battle between investors looking forward to a possible tax reform bill and the short-term issues of the hurricanes bearing down on the east coast - not to mention what North Korea's next move is. The Dow ended the day down 23-points with flat to mixed action in the other large indices. Small caps lagged while the I-fund led after the ECB (European Central Bank) reaffirmed a slowdown in stimulus which caused the dollar to head even lower.

  3. A light volume rebound

    Stocks rebounded modestly on Wednesday after Tuesday's big sell-off, but volume was light and there was a bit of a fade into the close. The Dow ended the day up 54-points or about half of what it had been up just an hour before the close. The broader indices also ended the day with moderate gains so the bulls did win the day.

  4. Post holiday reversal

    Stocked opened lower to start the new week, and the selling intensified throughout the morning, but by early afternoon we did some some buyers show up to push the broader indices off their lows, although it was still a very red day. The Dow closed down 234-points as we saw 0.75% to 1% losses almost across the board. The I-fund outperformed because of another pullback in the dollar.
  5. NoKo threatens recent market rally

    Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend. The bulls will hate to see last week go as stocks did what they tend to do before a holiday - that is move against the more prevalent trend. The Dow ended Friday with a modest 39-point gain after drifting lower all afternoon from some larger gains. Small caps led while bonds were down.

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