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  1. Watch the Nasdaq for the next clue

    Stocks were mixed again on Friday, but once again the bulls were able to take the indices well off the early lows. The Dow ended the day up 24-points while the S&P was flat, and the small caps and Nasdaq posted small losses. The Nasdaq continues to be the laggard after months of leading to the upside, and that is the main concern for investors right now as the tech stocks are held up by a moving average that is hovering over a potential precipice.
  2. Bears Beware

    In my last blog, I said I was neutral heading into the new week and thought that volatility might become a bit more prevalent after the previous week's wild action. It might not have been a particularly volatile week, but it was neutral as the EFA was virtually unchanged, the DWCPF was moderately lower and the S&P 500 posted a modest gain.

    Transfer 8/25 for 8/26/04-s-p-500-png

    Volume was way up on Friday, but it was options expiration, so it's not unusual in that context. Momentum ...

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  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Again we see a week with no real trend. Stocks were mixed all around ithin the major indices, which makes it hard to pin point what exactly is on trader's minds these days.

    Big opportunities can be found at the individual stock levels but TSP funds will average out the good and the bad. Navigating between the good averages and the bad averages is what will ultimately maximize your return. Easier said than done of course.

    The Fed raised interest rates this week and the ...
  4. Early selling gets bought again

    It's really getting quite remarkable / frustrating / exciting / disappointing - fill in the blank. For the last two weeks the bears have put all kind of pressure on but they have not been able to do any damage by the time the market closes. At the same time the bulls have not been able make any progress on the upside during those two weeks so the stalemate continues. The Dow lost 15-points on the day but once again the bulls were able to take a large
  5. Fed raises rates and market digests it with mixed bag results

    The initial reaction after the Fed's policy statement announcement was rather benign. Then we experience a bout of selling, followed by the relentless dip buyers who did their thing into the close. By the close it was a mixed bag as the Dow gained a solid 46-points, while the S&P was down slightly, and the Nasdaq and small caps saw more moderate losses.
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