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  1. Yellen Rally continued Friday

    The bulls showed up early on Friday and with Janet Yellen's new dovish stance investors got more aggressive with a broad rally rather than a sector by sector rotation as we had been seeing. The Dow gained 85-points on the day and we saw new highs, or close to it, in many of the major indices.

  2. The Bull Hits Fresh Highs

    Last week, I said that I thought the market was probably close to a bottom. I had my eye on Weird Wolly Wednesday as the day we might confirm a bottom and thought we'd get some weakness during a volatile trading day. We got neither after the market dipped on Tuesday, but roared to life on Wednesday with a bias higher the rest of the week.

    It's easy to miss the big moves in this market with all of the chopping up and down for weeks. And now, in a matter of just a few days, the market ...
  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks saw gains across the major indices this week with the help of Janet Yellen's dovish comments nearly ensuring no more rate hikes until the end of the year or later. Those gains were produced Wednesday after the bears put on some pressure the day before with the help of some political drama. However, Yellen's testimony blew away the bears' arsenal and the beginning of earnings season Friday was the perfect bait for new buyers.

    The week ended with the C and S-fund both with more ...
  4. Slight gains as bears kept at bay again

    Stocks closed about where they opened on Thursday but they had to overcome a couple of attempts by the bears to push things lower. Most of the indices closed in positive territory but up or down, there were no major moves as they all closed with gains or losses of about 0.2% or less.

  5. Fed testimony boosts stocks

    Stocks posted solid gains on Wednesday after some comments from Janet Yellen put investors' minds at ease. The Dow gained 123-points but that was about 50-points below the morning highs so there was a little profit taking after it hit new highs to start the day. The gains were quite broad, which was a change from recent action.

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