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  1. Fed stays pat

    The Federal Reserve did not make a move on interest rates yesterday, and the market applauded with a strong afternoon rally. The Dow gained 164-points. There were dissenters who voted for a rate hike, but in the end not many expected the Fed to do anything that could hurt the stock market before a presidential election.

  2. All Eyes on FOMC and Bank of Japan

    The Dow gave up another early 100+ point gain yesterday as investors remain nervous in front of today's FOMC policy statement and Janet Yellen's press conference. The nervousness is understandable, but it's interesting that we saw two triple digit gains in early trading the last two days. The Dow ended with a gain of just 10-points, the S&P was flat again, and small caps were down.

  3. Dow gives back 130-point gain

    The Dow blew a 130-point early gain yesterday and ended the day down 4-points. Granted, volume was very light and investors are nervous in front of this Wednesday's policy statement from the Fed, but that's an ugly daily formation. The S&P was flat and the Nasdaq was down modestly after some profit taking in Apple, while small caps had a good day.

  4. Fed week

    Last week was a wild one for the stock market as volatility has been picking up the closer we get to the FOMC meetings this week. 4 of the last 6 trading days saw triple digit moves in the Dow and we've see four 1% plus moves in the S&P 500 after going months without one. For the day, the Dow lost 89-points and we did see buyers step up in afternoon trading to take the indices off their lows of the day.
  5. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Volatility and noise was the name of the game last week as we head into next week's FOMC meeting that may or may not come away with a rate hike in the Fed Funds rate. The action was pure speculation and every minor economic data point was considered. The weaker the data, the more the market seemed to like it as it would favor a non-move by the Fed. By the end of the week we saw small gains in the indices.

    With a modest gain of 0.6%, the C-fund led the TSP funds for the week. The ...
S&P 500 (C Fund)
DWCPF (S Fund)
Dow Jones U.S. Completion Total Stock Market Index (^DWCPF)
EFA (I Fund)
iShares MSCI EAFE Index (EFA)
AGG (F Fund)
iShares Lehman Aggregate Bond (AGG)