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  1. The rotation continues

    Rotation, rotation, rotation. That's the word on Wall Street for the strange action we are seeing with big declines in some indices / sectors, while other indices / sectors are behaving very well. The big tech, which has been leading the market higher all year, is now being sold off, while the laggards - energy, financials, Transports, and the small caps, are being bought up.

  2. Sector rotation causing wild divergences in indices

    If you look at the final numbers from Friday you could easily derive that it was another boring day for stocks. Yeah, the Dow gained a solid 89-points, but the S&P, the small caps, the I-fund, and the Transports all ended the day with gains or losses in the +/- 0.0X% range. But what a day it was.

  3. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks were mixed this week as we saw small losses in the large caps (C-fund) and small gains in small caps (S-fund). The action was tight this week coming off last week's jobs report which seemed to initially attract buyers. That did not continue into this week as news events such as the UK election and Comey's testimony couldn't provoke too much movement in any direction. Friday opened higher for large caps and quickly started selling off and the dip buyers came too late to completely regain the ...
  4. Something is Changing

    The Comey probe was one of the bigger stories last week, although the UK vote is up there in importance too. In spite of anything the MSM says, Trump came out looking pretty good. Over in the UK, things got much more dicey. Now, I don't want to do a political analysis, but there is no question that politics ties in with Central Bank activity (and its innumerable rabbit holes). And that means it can and often does have a profound effect of the stock market (global). Friday's wild action is indicative ...
  5. Choppy but fairly flat close for the large caps

    Stocks ended the day with slight to moderate gains depending where you looked. The Comey testimony turned out to be basically a non-event as far as the market goes. There were some intraday swings on the Dow which was up about 90-points at the highs and down points 35-points at the lows, but the battle was a stalemate and at the end of the day the Dow was up 9-points and the S&P was up less than 1. The Nasdaq on the other hand, saw
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