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  1. Oil spoils early rally in stocks

    Stocks were mixed yesterday as the Nasdaq and small caps ended the day with moderate gains while the Dow suffered its second straight triple digit loss (-119) with IBM accounting for half of those losses. The S&P 500 had opened sharply higher on the day, but the weight of IBM and the drop in oil prices was too much for the large cap index.

  2. Streak ends at 1 again

    Stocks opened lower yesterday and couldn't catch much of a bid all day, although the Dow did manage to close about 60-points off the intraday low. The 114-point loss means we still have not had two consecutive positive days in April. And if we go further back, the Dow has had only one two-day winning streak since 12-day winning streak ended in February, and that was back in early March.

  3. Stocks bounce back

    Stocks snapped back on Monday, from the pre-holiday geopolitical jitters. The Dow gained 184-points and the S&P 500 grabbed back all of Thursday's losses, and a good part of Wednesday's. Small caps and the Transports led on the upside, which is a good sign considering they had both been flirting with breakdowns.

  4. Is this a market thing or a geoploitical thing?

    The closer we got toward the close on Thursday, before the long 3-day market weekend, the more investors moved into defensive mode while the precarious geopolitical events played out. There was a weak bounce just after 1 PM but the losses accelerated into the close and the Dow ended the day down 139-points. The 0.5% to 0.7% losses aren't disasters by any means, but these moderate down days have been adding up lately.

  5. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    The first two days of the four day trading week had the typical action of early selling followed by dip buyers as we've been use to lately. Dip buyers took an early Easter vacation and didn't show up Wednesday or Thursday stringing two days of enough losses to give both the C and S-fund more than a 1% loss for the week. It seems geopolitical news and attitudes of public officials on the state of the economy are getting to investors and now they want some positive news before putting more money to ...
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