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  1. Calm after the bull storm


    Stocks took a break yesterday after the 200+ point gain on Tuesday. The indices were mixed as the Dow and Nasdaq saw small gains, while the S&P 500, small caps, and particularly the Dow Transports, all lost ground.

    For the TSP, the C-fund was down 0.12% yesterday, the S-fund lost 0.74%, the I-fund fell 0.65%, and the F-fund (bonds) dropped ...
  2. The Art of Deception

    Not surprisingly, today's action retraced some of yesterday's impressive gains. At the close the DOW and Nasdaq posted modest gains, while the S&P 500 was modestly lower. Small and Mid-Caps took the brunt of the selling pressure in today's action.

    Perhaps notable on the day was that treasuries were hit hard, with the yield on the 10 year note hitting a multi-month high of 2.25%. Gold was down better than $50 as well. These are suppose to be safe havens so it's a bit interesting to ...
  3. Breakout


    We saw a nice breakout on decent volume yesterday as the Dow gained 218-points pushing over the 13,000 level again. It was a combination of strong retail sales, a positive economic outlook from the Fed, and JP Morgan raising its dividend, that seemed to propel stocks higher.

    For the TSP, the C-fund was up 1.85% yesterday, the S-fund jumped 2.01%, the I-fund
  4. Unconfirmed Buy Signal

    The market made a decisive move today and the direction was up as the major averages posted significant gains. More than half those gains came post-Fed announcement.

    Understanding Compounding-seven-sentinels-signal-png

    If you're following the Seven Sentinels, all signals are now in a buy condition, but due to the recent volatile action it may be prudent to wait until NYMO hits a 28 day trading high to confirm the buy signal. NYMO hit a 23 day trading high today, so it's not far off from ...

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  5. Intraday 3/13/12

    Some intraday breakouts worth noting:

    Charts provided courtesy of, analysis by TSP Talk

    Tom Crowley

    The legal stuff: This information is for educational purposes only! This is not advice or a recommendation. We do not give investment advice. Do not act on this data. Do not buy, sell or
    Intraday Update
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