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  1. Another Pop

    I had mentioned yesterday that I expected this market to pop higher after the sideways, mixed action we had been seeing and sure enough it popped. The move was strong and sustained too.

    Since I'm getting to the computer late tonight, I'm not going to post the charts, but every one of them is on a buy after today's action, which is hardly a surprise. And I have no reason to believe we can't go higher unless sentiment gets too bullish, and I don't think that's a problem yet either. ...
  2. Pop, drop, and a grind


    Stocks opened sharply higher yesterday, but quickly sold off the rest of the morning. The indices found support just before noon where buyers slowly took them back toward the break even level by the close. The Dow lost 21-points.

    For the TSP, the C-fund lost 0.04% yesterday, the S-fund dipped 0.02%, the I-fund was up 0.40%, and the F-fund (bonds) ...
  3. Downside Remains Limited

    More choppy sideways action and another mixed close. Market chop has eventually given way to rallies during the month January, so I'm beginning to think this market is waiting for a catalyst to move higher once again. We could use some selling pressure, but buying opportunities have been largely pounced on during intraday trading. We TSPers have had little opportunity to get positioned lower; assuming one has any IFTs.

    The Greece situation hasn't changed and Portugal is standing by ...
  4. Strong January is a good omen


    Stocks gapped open lower yesterday but buyers are still lurking and buying the dips sending the indices higher and closing near their highs. The Dow, which was down 130-points during the first hour of trading, rallied to close down just 7-points.

    For the TSP, the C-fund lost 0.25% yesterday, the S-fund fell 0.60%, the I-fund was down 0.98%, and the ...
  5. Market Closes Well Off Lows of the Day

    The market started out a bit ugly, but a strong bull market tends to shrug off negativity and today the dip buyers stepped back in to keep losses contained.

    The situation across the pond (Greece and Portugal front and center) continues to spook markets to some extent as creditors and EU Pols keep applying pressure. I've been posting media reports about this situation in my account talk thread during the week, so I won't get into any details here.

    There was only a couple ...
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