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  1. Quick Commenetary

    The Dow gained 97-points while the S&P was flat and small caps gave back some of Tuesday's gains. The dollar had another terrible day and that helped the I-fund again, which led on the day.

  2. Earnings and Consumer Confidence

    After some strong early earnings reports before the bell on Tuesday morning, stocks opened sharply higher pushing several indices to new highs again. The Dow gained 100-points, about 60-points off the opening high, but still a meaningful rally. The S&P added 0.29% and small caps led adding about twice that.

  3. Mixed Monday, but Google could shake things up

    It was a rather slow summer trading day on Monday with early weakness, a midday comeback, and more selling late that saw the indices close mixed. The Dow lagged losing 0.31% on the day while the Nasdaq led, the S&P was down slightly, and small caps closed with modest gains.
  4. Is the buzz in European markets a concern here?

    The Nasdaq finally ended its winning streak on Friday after 10 consecutive positive days, but it only lost 2-points. The Dow lost another 31-points but overall it was another flat day for stocks to end the week, and all three of the TSP funds picked up about a half of a percent on the week, as did the bond fund.

  5. Bears Get Hammered Again

    Last week, I said the chances of a pullback were rising. I felt that is was time to start getting more defensive as the bulk of the rally was likely behind us. But NAAIM was bullish, as was liquidity and breadth. The fact that so many technical indicators were now positive is often an early warning, but tops are very difficult to call. I thought that the market might bias higher last week, but thought we should look for weakness to being around mid-week. That weakness came on Thursday, but not until ...
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