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  1. Quiet action before Comey testimony

    It was another slow, low volume day with the bulls and bears ping ponging between a small loss and small gains. The Dow ended the day up 37-points. Oil was hit hard again and that helped the Transportation Index, which is a market leader, but it puts a bit of a drag on the other indies.

  2. Weak open, weak close, modest losses

    Stocks opened lower on Tuesday, attempted a few midday rallies, but a late push lower sent the indices closer to the opening lows of the day. The Dow lost 48-points on the day and the losses were modest with the majors dipping 0.01% to 0.03%, but it was the way the day played out that was more concerning than the actual losses.

  3. A day of rest after new highs last week

    Stocks took a needed rest after two big positive days to end the week last week. Rallying on the
  4. Stocks coming off week of new highs

    Stocks rallied strongly again on Friday despite a jobs report that came up well short of expectations.
  5. Blue Skies Ahead?

    Disappointing jobs report? No problem. That should help keep interest rates low for the time being. Certainly our F fund is in agreement with that perspective as it remains in full bull mode.

    I was bullish for last week, but cautioned we could see some weakness should the market need to gather some strength before pushing higher. And that's largely what we saw as the first half of the week was saw some moderate selling pressure, but the last 2 days erased those losses and then some ...

    Updated 06-04-2017 at 07:07 PM by coolhand

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