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  1. Sideways Consolidation

    by , 02-19-2015 at 09:05 PM (TSP Talk Blog)

    It was another mixed day for stocks on Thursday as the Dow lost 44-points (-0.24%), the Nasdaq was up (+0.37%) and the S&P 500 was down but basically flat. Volatility continues to subside despite some bad news out of Greece and a sharp intraday decline in oil - which eventually reversed.

  2. Stocks end flat / mixed

    by , 02-18-2015 at 09:04 PM (TSP Talk Blog)

    Stocks were mixed on Wednesday with a little intraday volatility caused by the release of the Fed Meeting Minutes, but overall the indices traded in a fairly tight range and the VIX (Volatility Index) fell back below the 200-day EMA. The Dow lost 18-points while the S&P 500 was flat and the Nasdaq, Transportation Index, small caps, and international stocks were up.

  3. Sentiment Survey Results...

    by , 02-18-2015 at 10:20 AM (TommyIV's TSP Talk Blog)

    TSP Talk Sentiment Survey results for the week of 02/17/15- 02/20/15

    The TSP Talk Sentiment Survey came in at 55% bulls, 28% bears.

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  4. Charting: Fear is Good

    , 02-18-2015 at 01:33 AM
    Evening folks

    Fear is good, particularly fear which is already priced in and not utterly devastating to the world economy. One key reason I believe this type of fear is good, is because it keeps buyers from stepping into the markets all at the same time. This type of fear gives us a good rotation ratio of buyers to sellers, allowing the markets to "climb the wall of worry". Those lagards on the sidelines will continue to disbelieve and churn, getting burnt up over losing
  5. Volatility falling

    by , 02-17-2015 at 08:15 PM (TSP Talk Blog)

    Stocks opened lower on Tuesday but investors shook off the concerns out of Greece, the indices stabilized and reversed direction, and by mid-afternoon they were in positive territory. The Dow ended the day up 28-points and we saw modest gains in most of the major indices.

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