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  1. Blast off


    Stocks are now putting it into another gear as the Dow gained 123-points just when we thought resistance might pose a problem. We saw 1% gains in most of the broader indices.
  2. Trading the Stats: The Mid Month Report, May 2013

    Good morning

    Thus far this hasn't been the typical May matching the statistics. Going back to 1950, for all months of May, Day 5's 5-Day performance (last Tuesday) tied for #11 and this Monday's 5-Day Performance tied for #12. That makes for an impressive start to May.

    For the IFT Cutoff, Tuesday provides the best exit while Wednesday provides the 2nd best entry and the same holds true for the Mon-Fri stats.

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  3. Stocks flat, bond yields up


    It was a very dull day of trading on Monday with the most excitement coming in early morning trading when we saw some stiff losses and buyers stepped up and kept the indices near the break-even area most of the day. The Dow lost 27-points while the S&P and Nasdaq were flat.
  4. Is the bond market telling us anything?


    Stocks rallied sharply into the close on Friday, closing out another good week for the market. The Dow gained 36-points while the TSP funds were mixed including a noticeable decline in the F-fund (bonds).
  5. Continued Price Appreciation Likely

    Last week I said the Total Tracker showed we had a collective stock exposure that was under 40%. And even though the Top 50 triggered a sell signal, it was trumped by the very conservative market exposure of the entire auto tracker. Based on that (and some other indicators I track) I was fairly confident we'd see higher prices last week. And we did, as the C fund tacked on 1.29%, while the S fund soared 2.07%.

    This week, the Top 50 remained largely static, while the Total Tracker ...

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