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  1. Jobs breakout or break down?


    It was more back and forth for stocks yesterday as an early decline turned into gains, but by the close the indices were close to flat. The Dow gained 12-points.
  2. Smart money reverses


    Stocks opened higher on Tuesday, then proceeded to giveback the gains and trade in negative territory for most of the day before a last hour rally took some indices back into the green, including the S&P 500 and Nasdaq. The Dow lost 33.
  3. Nice start, bad finish


    Once again, it is hard to trust a Monday morning gap opening. While we saw a respectable 78-point gain in the Dow at the close, we saw a triple digit gain during early trading, and many of the major indices gave back most, if not all, of their early gains.
  4. SPX trendline not yet tested

    I have been watching the navy blue trendline for weeks. You can see it on the SPX chart below, coming up from the June 4, 1266.74 intraday low and touching the 1329.24 intraday low on day thirty-six, and again on day thrity-seven. This trendline is climbing at the rate of about 1.8 points/day and was crossing 1420 on Friday, September 28. The 50 ema is roughly in the same area at the moment. I was actually expecting a retest of price to this line in early September, when price fell below the ...
  5. Big month coming


    Stocks slipped on Friday as the Dow gave up 49-points on the day. The indices closed close to the middle of their daily trading range as the Dow had been down triple digits during early trading, and managed to make it above the breakeven mark at one point during afternoon trading.
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