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  1. Will Greece cheer the markets?

    The countertrend rally that started on June 4th from the SP 500 1267 low is still underway. Of course the Greek elections are a wild card. The near billion dollar daily withdrawals this past week by Greeks, fearing instability, is causing a mini run on their banks. Stashing sacks of Euro’s and piles of pasta; now that’s a new one.

    There is an upside target for the current move to approximately SPX 1360-1400 as shown in the charts. There is also an inverse head and shoulders under ...
  2. ... and down again


    Stocks were down yesterday on more concerns out of Europe and some mixed economic data. The Dow lost 77-points but it took a very late move up to keep it from a triple digit loss.

  3. Chopping around


    Stocks rallied sharply yesterday regaining much of Monday's losses. The jumpy action is making it tough to trust the market as it seems to be hanging on every headline out of Europe. The Dow gained 163-points.

  4. Back to ugly


    Stocks opened sharply higher on Monday, as we suspected since the overnight futures were so strong, but the buyers showed up at the opening bell and sold that rally until the closing bell. The Dow lost 146-points.

  5. Another Bailout


    Despite a weak opening, stocks closed strongly on Friday and the Dow gained 93-points. Rumors were circulating about a bailout for Spain, but I am less concerned with what is causing it, as what is happening in the indices.

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