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  1. Bulls and Bears Fight it Out

    Given the final GDP number for last quarter came in at 2.0% (economists were looking for 2.5%), I suppose the market held up rather well in spite of the bears winning the overall battle by the close.

    Roth IRA... a good time?-bulls-vs-bears-200x200-jpg

    And perhaps it's also not surprising that the FOMC minutes revealed that some members are anticipating further weakness in economic growth.

    I'm sure that volume is about to dry up for a couple of trading days as we go into the ...

    Updated 11-22-2011 at 05:52 PM by coolhand

  2. Looks bad, but there's a bit of hope


    Stocks were rocked yesterday on news out of Europe and the realization that our "Super Committee" will not be so super. The Dow lost 249-points, which was 90-points off of the lows, but not quite enough to say it was a reversal day.

    For the TSP, the C-fund fell 1.86% yesterday, the S-fund lost 1.93%, the I-fund dropped 2.80%, and ...
  3. Downside Follow Through Raises Fear Levels

    We no longer have to wonder what the market will do on Wednesday when the Super Committee's deadline hits. They've already reported the process a failure.

    The I Fund is a special bargain-bearmarket-jpg

    Which makes one wonder if the past few day's trading action sufficiently priced in that outcome?

    On the day, the DOW shed 2.11%, the S&P 500 dropped 1.86% and the Nasdaq fell 1.92%.

    So it's no longer the EU that's unable to sufficiently address a dire debt ...
  4. Tough week to call


    Stocks were flat to mixed on Friday as we saw a modest gain in the Dow, weakness in the tech stocks, and the S&P was even. We head into the seasonally positive holiday week with a very fragile technical picture and some big questions marks as the deficit reduction negotiations hit a stalemate and a deadline.

    For the TSP, the C-fund slipped 0.03% on Friday, ...
  5. Relative Bullishness Remains

    In general, we've been increasing our stock positions for the past 4 weeks. On 23 October the Top 50 had a paltry 16.24% stock exposure. Three weeks later (last week) they hit a total stock allocation of 44.72%. This week they backed off a bit and now have a 43.72% stock exposure going into tomorrow's (Monday) trading session.

    Some advice from a Financial Advisor-thanksgiving-turkey-jpg

    The Herd (Total Tracker) has also been increasing their stock position during the same time frame. On 23 October ...
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