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  1. Not Much Change

    Neither the Top 50 or the herd made any large moves for the new week. I suspect many were out of IFTs, but the volatility probably helped keep many on the sidelines too. Here's this week's charts:

    Transfer 5/11 for 5/12/04-2011-fund-allocation-~-top-50-chart-3-jpg
    Transfer 5/11 for 5/12/04-2011-cash-stock-exp-~-top-50-chart-1-jpg

    The Top 50 increased their stock exposure for the new week by 7.3% for a total allocation of 23.12%. That's still a pretty conservative position.

    Transfer 5/11 for 5/12/04-total-fund-allocation-chart-3-jpg
    Transfer 5/11 for 5/12/04-2011-cash-stock-total-exp-chart-1-jpg ...
  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up


    Mixed picture

    Stocks continued their volatile ways as we saw several big moves again this past week. The action on Tuesday, which included a big turnaround on high volume, is the type of move you might see at a market bottom, but the chart formations are still looking bearish.

    After a weak start on Monday and into Tuesday, October finished its first week with some gains
    TSP Weekly Wrap Ups
  3. Infographic: In Case of Emergency Use Social Media

    Some of the benefits of social media in an emergency

    By's Alex Salta

    We here at OhMyGov have long lauded the many benefits of using social media during an emergency, and recently we have even examined some of the downsides of such activity. A new infographic published on the popular AllTwitter blog visualizes just why social media has rapidly become an indispensable tool when ...
  4. Heading Back Down?

    Yesterday, I had said the Seven Sentinels were suggesting weakness soon. And while it may have been another volatile session, we got the weakness forecast by the Sentinels.

    The headline event was this morning's September jobs report. It showed nonfarm payrolls grew by 103,000, which was better than expected, but media reports cite that the increase is mostly due to the end of a strike at Verizon. If those workers are taken out of the equation, payrolls increased by 58,000. That was ...
  5. TSP Holiday Schedule


    The Thrift Savings Plan will be closed on Monday, October 10th in observance of Columbus Day. Transactions that would have been processed Monday night (October 10th) will be processed Tuesday night (October 11th), at Tuesday's closing share prices.
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