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  1. The easy part of the rebound may be over

    by , 08-15-2011 at 10:57 PM (TSP Talk Blog)

    The recent large moves in the indices made yesterday's 213-point gain in the Dow look small on the chart, but of course a 2% gain is nothing to sneeze at. Volatility is alive and well so don't get too comfortable yet.

    For the TSP, the C-fund gained 2.18% yesterday, the S-fund jumped 2.84%, the I-fund was up 2.53%, and the F-fund (bonds) lost 0.22%.

    The S&P 500
    picked up another 2.2% yesterday
  2. Three Straight

    by , 08-15-2011 at 06:21 PM (Coolhand's Market Analysis)
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    It was another big day for the bulls as they made it three straight gains in row. On the day, the DOW advanced 1.9%, the Nasdaq 1.88%, and the S&P 500 2.18%. In addition to those impressive gains, the EAFE (which our I fund tracks) was up an impressive 2.33%, while the Wilshire 4500 (S fund) was the biggest winner of the day with a gain of 2.82%.

    Futures portended a higher open, and a higher open is what we got. Even a poor reading on the ...
  3. Enjoy any rally, but expect a test

    by , 08-14-2011 at 10:21 PM (TSP Talk Blog)

    Despite the triple digit gain in the Dow, the market was rather subdued on Friday compared to the prior four trading days, which all experienced 400-600 point moves. The broader market indices moved up more modestly on the day.

    For the TSP, the C-fund gained 0.53% on Friday, the S-fund was up 0.48%, the I-fund picked up 0.95%, and the F-fund (bonds) added 0.38%.
    For more on the weekly and monthly returns, please see our TSP Weekly
  4. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up - 08/13/11

    by , 08-13-2011 at 02:41 PM (TSP Talk Blog)

    I assume that most of you reading this know what happened in the U.S. markets last week. It was difficult to avoid the media coverage. We witnessed historic volatility in that, for the first time ever, the Dow moved 400-points in one direction or the other for four straight days.

    Volatility tends to accompany poor market performance and some systems, like our Trader Fred System, avoids
    TSP Weekly Wrap Ups
  5. Interesting Observation

    by , 08-13-2011 at 11:56 AM (Coolhand's Market Analysis)
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    Name:  2011 Cash-Stock Exp ~ Top 50 Chart 1.jpg
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    With the severe volatility we've seen over the past couple of weeks, I'm not sure how accurate it may be to isolate a group like the Top 50 with the intent to discern where the market might go over the short term (one week). But in any event, we can see the Top 50 increased their collective stock allocation by a healthy 20.48% going into this week. Still, the total stock allocation is only 38.7%, so there's still quite ...
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