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  1. Bearish Sentiment Spikes

    While some sentiment surveys are on the bullish side, ours is not one of them. Our sentiment survey came in at 29% bulls to 66% bears. It isn't often we see that many bears in our poll. We know it's bullish as sentiment goes, but how bullish? I've got some data to give you an idea. Here's this week's charts:

    Doing Day trading online, like the TSP-fund-allocation-~-top-50-chart-3-jpg
    Doing Day trading online, like the TSP-2013-top-50-trend-jpg

    No signal was generated from the Top 50 this week. Stock allocations were the same as last week ...
  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    It was a bit of a rollercoaster ride last week as there was little progress made in the budget negotiations. We had sold off into the Monday night deadline, but the market surprised a lot of folks by rallying on Tuesday. The back and forth continued and ended with a strong day on Friday. This either tells us that investors did not want to be out of the market if a deal was made over the weekend, or they just don't think it is that big of an issue at this time.

    TSP Weekly Wrap Ups
  3. H or W?

    Stocks fell as frustration seems to be growing surrounding the government shut down and the upcoming debt ceiling deadline. The Dow lost 137-points and we saw 0.9% losses almost across the board. The I-fund held up but it may pay the price today.
  4. Sentiment Survey Results...

    TSP Talk Sentiment Survey results for the week of 10/07/13- 10/11/13

    The TSP Talk Sentiment Survey came in at 29% bulls, 66% bears.

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    The legal stuff: This information is for educational purposes only! This is not advice or a recommendation. We do not give investment advice. Do not act on this data. Do not buy, sell or trade the funds mentioned herein based on ...
  5. Hanging on

    Stocks pulled back modestly yesterday, from Tuesday's surprise post-shutdown rally. The action was not too bad however, as the indices finish off their lows as the Dow, down 59-points had been down about 150-points in early trading.

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