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  1. Relative Bullishness Remains

    In general, we've been increasing our stock positions for the past 4 weeks. On 23 October the Top 50 had a paltry 16.24% stock exposure. Three weeks later (last week) they hit a total stock allocation of 44.72%. This week they backed off a bit and now have a 43.72% stock exposure going into tomorrow's (Monday) trading session.

    Some advice from a Financial Advisor-thanksgiving-turkey-jpg

    The Herd (Total Tracker) has also been increasing their stock position during the same time frame. On 23 October ...
  2. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up


    Testing the “fake-out”

    Stocks lost more ground last week as European debt concerns remained in the headlines,with Spain joining the 7% 10 year bond yield club – an area that has meant bailouts for other European countries.

    Italy, Spain and Greece will continue to be the news to watch, but of course we have a Super Committee in the headlines here in the U.S. and they have a very big deadline coming up this week.

    TSP Weekly Wrap Ups
  3. What's Trending in Government Customer Service

    News, strategies and trends

    By Ohmygov!

    This series of articles on customer service in government is sponsored by Microsoft. Download a customer service planning guide at Microsoft Government today.

    New rating system can help seniors choose Medicare Advantage plan

    Modesto Bee

    Seniors grappling with what Medicare Advantage plan fits their needs best ...
  4. OPEX Pause?

    It was Options Expiration day today and the market managed to stem the recent selling pressure by chopping above and below the neutral throughout the trading session. It ultimately closed mixed with the Nasdaq posting a loss of 0.6%, the DOW a 0.22% gain and the S&P 500 down a modest 0.04%.

    Roth IRA... a good time?-expiration-friday-jpg

    There was one report released today and that was Leading Indicators.

    The report showed that economic data is showing fairly strong signs ...
  5. OK, here it is


    Stocks sold-off again yesterday as Spain's 10-year bond yield is now flirting with joining the 7% club. The Dow did close nearly 100-points off of the low, but was still down 135-points on the day.

    For the TSP, the C-fund lost 1.68% yesterday, the S-fund fell 1.71%, the I-fund dropped 0.96%, and the F-fund
S&P 500 (C fund)
Dow Completion (S fund)
EFA (I fund)
Bonds (F fund)