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  1. Earnings helping

    Stocks were mixed yesterday as the Dow ended the day flat- literally, the S&P and Nasdaq were up, and the small caps and Transportation stocks were down. The Nasdaq got a nice boost from a big gain in Apple, but that wasn't enough to keep all of the indices in positive territory.
  2. Dip, but Apple may help

    Stocks were lower yesterday, breaking a six day winning streak for most of the major indices. The Dow lost just 12-points but we saw much stiffer losses in some of the broader indicesincluding the Nasdaq and small caps, which remain in a downtrend. The good news is, after hours, many of the futures erased Wednesday's losses.
  3. Terrific Tuesdays

    Stocks were up for a sixth straight day on Tuesday, and Tuesdays have been the saving grace for the market this year. The Dow gained 65-points, but that was off the early triple digit gain highs. The small caps and the Nasdaq led to the upside, which is good to see.
  4. Rally continues

    Stocks rallied on Monday with the Dow gaining 41-points on the day. The broader indices also posted nice gains, but the I-fund lagged a bit with dollar being up and the U.S. stocks rallying after the European markets closed.

  5. Post holiday question marks

    It was a quiet day last Thursday, the day before the holiday, and despite the Dow losing 16-points, we did see modest gains in most of the major indices. The Dow was down mainly because of weaker than expected earnings from IBM and American Express. Bonds were down.

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