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  1. Some downside follow-through

    Stocks were down modestly yesterday with the Dow losing 9-points and the S&P 500 dropping 0.19%. That's pretty tame considering the negative reversal day we had on Monday, but the small caps might beg to differ as they lagged again and lost a more serious 0.64%. Bonds closed lower as well.
  2. Outside Reversal

    Stocks rallied early, but fell of the table in afternoon trading. Whether it s a coincidence, or as a direct result, stocks fell shortly after Carl Icahn warned that stocks are in danger of a large drop. The Dow was pinned to the +40 to +60 area most of the day, but the late sell-off saw it close up just 14-points, while the broader indices were hit much harder and it created negative outside reversal days on most major index charts.

  3. Stocks scream'in over Yellen

    Stocks rallied yet again on Friday as the Dow picked up another 58-points; capping a strong week where we saw gains of 1% to 2% in the TSP stock funds. Bonds were also up slightly on Friday and they also had a solid week.
  4. Looking Both Ways

    On Friday, I sent out an End-of-Week Update to point out the results of our weekly sentiment survey. It came in at 64% bulls and 26% bears. I've got a chart below that will give you an idea of how the market generally reacts to this level of sentiment.

    But something else came up after Friday's close that I was not expecting. Our Auto-tracker has been showing a steady increase in stock allocations for some time. I expected that trend to continue last week. But when I reviewed the ...

    Updated 11-19-2013 at 01:52 PM by coolhand (Updated Auto-Tracker Charts)

  5. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    We started the week coming off the jobs report that triggered a big rally the Friday before. The stock market digested those gains for a couple of days and by the open on Wednesday it looked like we may see a bit of a pullback. But then the Janet Yellen confirmation hearings started, and the woman in line to become the chairman of the Federal Reserve was telling investors just what they wanted to hear. That is, that the easy money will continue to come their way until there is more evidence
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