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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    It was a wild week on Wall Street last week as we saw multiple triple digit moves in the Dow, including a 300+ point drop the day after the election. Investors were trying to adjust their portfolios accordingly based on the results as they now know which fork in the road the country will be taking for the next four years.

    Here are the TSP fund returns for the week of November
    TSP Weekly Wrap Ups
  2. When it rains...


    Stocks dropped sharply again yesterday making the 2-day post-election sell-off stand at about a 3.5% loss for the S&P 500. The Dow lost 121-points on the day.

  3. Sentiment Survey Results (Buy Signal)

    TSP Talk Sentiment Survey results for the week of 11/12/12- 11/16/12

    Buy: The TSP Talk Sentiment Survey came in at 37% bulls, 53% bears, for a bulls to bears ratio of 0.70 to 1. That is a Buy signal which means the system will move to a 100% S fund allocation for the week of 11/12/12 - 11/16/12.

    Bull market rules have been in effect since the week of 1/09/12:

    See latest survey results

    To discuss or comment on the Sentiment Survey, go to Sentiment ...
  4. Which was the head fake?


    Stocks plummeted yesterday as "fiscal cliff" became the center of the post-election discussion, as in - can we avoid it? The Dow lost 313-points after gaining 133 the day before. One was a head fake, but which one?

  5. Post Election (update 9:15 AM ET)


    Stocks rallied strongly yesterday, election day, and it brought up a lot of questions and rumors. By the close the Dow had gained 133-points and most indices saw gains over 1%.

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