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  1. Snow slow down


    Watching the market on Monday was like watching paint dry. Volatility was low, the trading range was narrow , and volume was light, most likely due to the transportation problems in the Northeast after this weekend's snowstorm. The Dow lost 22-points.
  2. New highs on light volume


    With winter storms pounding the Northeast on Friday, it almost seemed like a typical holiday trading day. Volume was light and the bears didn't put up much of a fight as we saw new highs in some of the major indices. The Dow gained 49-points on the day.

  3. No Shortage of Non-Believers

    The Top 50 continues to ride the uptrend, while the Total Tracker shows profit taking. Here's this week's charts:

    No Move Today-fund-allocation-~-top-50-chart-3-jpg
    No Move Today-2012-top-50-trend-jpg

    For the 5th week in a row, the Top 50 remains overwhelmingly in the S fund.

    No Move Today-total-tracker-fund-allocation-jpg
    No Move Today-2012-total-tracker-trend-jpg

    On the other hand, the Total Tracker saw stock allocations dip 6.93%, from a total allocation of 49.23% last week, to ...

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  4. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    The market had a little hangover earlier last week, after the big jobs report rally on Friday February 1. But a big reversal day on Thursday of last week, followed by a nice rally on Friday, and the market avoided its first losing week of the new year.

    Here are the TSP fund returns for the week of February 4 through February 8.

    TSP Weekly Wrap Ups
  5. Sentiment is mixed


    After an early 132-point decline in the Dow, stocks settled down and drifted upward the rest of the day turning big losses into a more modest setback. The Dow ended the day down 42.
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