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  1. Syria getting serious, buyers stay on sidelines


    Stocks fell yesterday and the buyers didn't show up to buy this dip. They seem to be waiting on some clarity regarding the mess in Syria, which is getting quite serious, and it's a tricky situation with an uncertain approach at this time. The Dow
  2. Geopolitical summer swoon


    Stocks traded higher most of the day yesterday, but after John Kerry's speech on Syria and WMD's, and a headline from a Russian source saying: U.S. to take military action (or something to that effect) the light volume trading day enabled sellers to easily push the indices down
  3. Bond yields pullback and stocks benefit


    Stocks moved modestly higher on Friday after a weak open, and that combination created some positive reversal days on the charts. The Dow gains 47-points and bond yields moved down helping the F-fund to a nice gain.

  4. Sentiment Scores Another One

    How many times has it happened before? Just as we get overly beared up, the market moves higher. Last week, the TSP Talk sentiment survey had 61% bears. And the Top 50 came very close to giving a buy signal. I thought it might be enough, but given the overall dip buying I wasn't quite sure. But it's a weekly signal, not a daily signal. That's key. Early in the week not all sentiment surveys were as bearish as ours, but by mid-week, that was changing. And as sentiment moved more to the bearish side, ...
  5. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    After a one-week pullback and some early weakness this past week, U.S. stocks ended the week with modest gains. The Fed meeting minutes were released on Wednesday afternoon and investors went scurrying, but they came back aggressively on Thursday and Friday to salvage a positive week.

    Here are the up-to-date weekly, current month, and annual TSP fund returns
    TSP Weekly Wrap Ups
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DWCPF (S Fund)
Dow Jones U.S. Completion Total Stock Market Index (^DWCPF)
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