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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks slipped this week as the Senate put out their version of the tax bill which had a few significant contrasts with the House version. One contrast is the Senate plan would delay the corporate tax-rate cut until 2019 rather than 2018. This put some heat on smaller companies dropping the expected increase in earnings next year with the tax-cuts. Large caps pulled back as well but not with the magnitude of small caps.

    A drop in the junk-bond market was also given credit to the drop ...
  2. Some warning signs but stocks continue higher

    Stocks bounced back from a negative open on Wednesday, drifting higher most of the day and closing with slight to moderate gains. The Dow gained 6-points making it another record close, while the Nasdaq also closed at a record level after its 21-point gain. There were some concerns yesterday, and we'll talk about them below.
  3. Dow at record high while small caps a Transports fade

    It was a slow day for the market but the bears did manage to put a little pressure on stocks. The Dow, which gets the most of the attention, did close at a new high again after a 9-ppoint gain, but it was a different story for the broader indices outside of the S&P 500 as small caps and the Transports lagged again.
  4. Pockets of strength, but will oil move too high?

    It was a modestly higher day on Wall Street Monday as Nasdaq led the way with a 0.33% gain, while the Dow gained 9-points and the S&P added 3. The small caps were up nicely while the Transportation Index was down and continues to test important support.
  5. Jobs report was light, but bulls are still buying

    The jobs report on Friday came in with a hefty 261,000 jobs being added in October, but that was quite a bit below analyst expectations and stocks initially moved lower, but that didn't deter the bulls who have been relentless in their effort to buy any and all dips over the last few months. The Dow ended the day up a slight 23-points, or 0.1%, but the broader S&P 500, and particularly the big tech heavy Nasdaq, saw more meaningful gains.

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