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  1. Testing Monday's lows

    The selling continued on Thursday with more deep losses and once again I'll say this seems to be the price the market is paying for 15 months without pullbacks and corrections, and it is now officially a correction (-10%). They happen, and many expected it, but when it comes it is still a shock to the psyche. Support levels were thin and that created a vacuum on the down side so two plus months of gains were erased in a few days. The Dow lost another 1033-points or 4.2%.

  2. Rebound comes up short by the close

    The volatility continued Wednesday and as you see in these mini-charts, there was no lack of intraday ups and downs as the market looked for direction. The Dow was down over 200 at one point, and up over 300 so the range remains wide and that can set up decent trading opportunities. Too bad we have to act only once and it has to be 4 hours before the market closes. The Dow ended the day down just 19-points but it lost about 285 points in the final 15 minutes of trading.
  3. Wild day ends in rebound

    The wild ride down Wall Street continued on Tuesday and, as often advertised during a downturn, it turned into a Turnaround Tuesday. The Dow closed near the highs of the day gaining 567-points after opening at the lows. The swings were wide and emotions were high.
  4. Crash?

    Stocks continued their sell-off on Monday with the Dow losing another 1175-points, on top of Friday's 666. I know it has been a while since we've seen anything like this, but the bigger the rallies are, particularly when they go straight up, the harder they tend to fall. The Dow was down a whopping 1600 points at the lows on Monday which was the largest intraday loss ever for the Dow, but percentage-wise it wasn't close to a record. Still, that was alarming.
  5. The pullback

    Welcome to February. Stocks pulled back sharply as the Dow lost an eerie 666-points on Friday, ending a week that saw the Dow fall over 1000-points. It was a very broad sell-off with all of the major indices shedding 2% or more on the day. Volatility is back and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, it could mean that stocks may struggle, but it could set up better trading opportunities, and after the buy and holders had their fun in the sun, market timers will welcome a change. ...
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