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  1. TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

    Stocks started weaker this week but were able to stay in a narrow trading channel for the first few days. Come Thursday and Friday, stocks produced back to back positive days in a row to give both the C and S-fund gains above 0.8% for the week. It seems remarks about upcoming changes in tax policies from Donald Trump catalyzed the buying. Traders have been waiting for the new market environment anticipated by the new Trump administration so a change in taxes for businesses could spark legitimate ...
  2. New highs testing resistance

    Stocks rallied Thursday after some positive comments from President Trump regarding taxes. The Dow jumped 118-points and we saw gains of near 0.60% in the top three major indices. Small caps led the way as it tends to exaggerate the move of the SP 500, whether that's up or down, and yesterday was up.

  3. Mixed / flat again

    Stocks were mixed but mostly flat again yesterday after a weak open, but some buying kicked in as the day progressed. The Dow ended the day down 36-points while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq pushed into positive territory. Small caps were also flat and the dollar pulled back helping the I-fund close with a gain.

  4. Sluggish

    Stocks opened moderately higher on Tuesday but they drifted lower most of the day closing just off their lows, but the three major indices, Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq, did close without losses. The Dow gained 38-points but the S&P was flat and small caps were down on the day.

  5. Should I Buy Term or Whole Life Insurance?

    I get it. Insurance, no matter what kind, is always a tough topic to broach. Itís an expense from which you donít derive any immediate benefit (except peace-of-mind), and when it comes to life insurance, the discussion becomes even more difficult because it means addressing some uncomfortable questions.

    Still, as unpleasant as the topic may be, a life insurance policy is an essential part of any financial plan. Letís take a look at some key points to consider when buying life insurance. ...
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